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Jon Gosselin – IS A DOG !

The three Gosslin Dogs !

The three Gosslin Dogs !

The big seething pustule known as Jon & Kate plus 8, EXPLODED, tonight on TV screens across the globe!  Although the news was not unexpected, after hearing it or rather reading at the end of the episode, that the couple has filed for divorce I am left unable to sleep and with a craving for Ben and Jerry’s….

Kate ,who apparently was very upset, expressed her feelings of loneliness and fear of having to raise the kids on her own, while Jon, devoid of all emotion as usual, unless he got cought doing something he shouldn’t have, spoke about doing what “he”  thinks is best for he and his children…  This caring was so apparent as he wanted to stick the children’s new play houses deep within the 100 acre wood behind their sprawling mansion.  Dumb Ass…  You have famous and wealthy children with the “P” people and on-lookers at the front gate.  So Jon’s GREAT idea!   Lets put them in the woods where they can not be properly supervised and be snake bitten or worse abducted by some crazy fan! 

Jon, who was dressed like a 12 year old gangsta wana be sported a Spider-man T-shirt and a pair of Kate’s diamond earrings during tonight’s episode.  I keep thinking back to the 1-hour episode where the family went “Green” and Jon welcomed the crew to his “Crib”…  Apparently he would rather be a thug than a father or a husband.

Let’s look at some facts…  Jon was supposed to be an I.T. Analyst.  He has no formal training in this area nor prior experience.  His last job was working in a cabinet shop from which he claimed to have quit but was later revieled that he was fired for drumming up “free stuff” for the family instead of doing the job for which he was being paid.  So how did he become an I.T. Analyst?  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he was a telemarketer, you do work with  a computer after all…  Sorta like calling the people who pick up the trash every week in front of your house ( solid waste engineers ).

He didn’t really get upset until he got caught having the affair with that whore Deanna Hummel woman.  Although I’m sure she wasn’t the first.  His reaction wasn’t that of someone who got caught seeking to connect with another person and was traped in a loveless relationship, rather someone whos game had been thwarted.  Jon knew then that he wouldn’t be able to be the horn dog that he was used to being….  So, if he can’t be a stud muffin, he has decided to just leave…

He lied about the affair.  He lied about his previous job.  He lied about being fired…  LIE LIE LIE..  This shows without a doubt that this man, and I use the term loosely, has no character at all!

Kate, I now feel, has become the kind of person that she is out of necessity and from raising 9 kids instead of 8.  Jon always talks about wanting to play with the kids and people think awww, what a good man wanting to spend quality time with his children…  He doesn’t want to play because he is a good man,  he wants to play because he’s  like a freaking kid himself! 

This family has been given extraordinary opportunities.  Kate, who already had the dexterity and fortitude to become a nurse, took the opportunity to become an author and has attempted to build a secure future for her family.  Sounds to me that she realized that the gravy train would last forever and she wanted to be prepared.  While Jon, who may have tagged along ( for a while ) to speaking engagements has done NOTHING!  If it didn’t have to do with riding 4-wheeler, skiing, driving his new tractor or driving his new sports car he wasn’t interested..  And don’t ANY of you DARE say that poor Jon had to stay at home to watch the kids while Kate was off doing appearances and book signing…  He found the time to go out and screw around while Kate was gone!  He could have found time to do something, ANYTHING, to better himself!  He could have prepared as she has for the long haul for once the show is over. 

If it weren’t for Kate, the family would be on welfare and probably living in a two bedroom apartment in the slums.

Jon is the one exploiting the kids and is probably why he is the one who spoke up when the accusations were made.  The whole “guilty dog barks first” thing.  He is the one wanting to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous…  Cars, buying expensive gifts for his hoe’s, having affairs, etc….

He has supposedly been looking for an apartment in New York, at Trump Towers no less.  The one city where rent is its highest.  He doesn’t have a job except for sucking the money from his kids, so how is he going to pay for extravagant rent?  I’m sure he is planning on sucking every penny from the family he can before he goes on his merry way!

Kate will be much better off with out this leach!  She can pay someone to do what he does for a lot less…….


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Celebrating the life of Eliot Mooney

If you watched Oprah today you got to see excerpts about the life of this small child who touched so many lives and never said a word.  WARNING:  Have your tissues ready before you click play!

This is the full version of the Fathers Diary to his Son, Eliot!


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