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Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston – TOGETHER AT LAST


Gerard Butler is such an angry little man…  But how does he deal with the rumors that he is in a relationship with Jennifer Aniston, who has been passed around more than a collection plate?  He makes jokes! 

 Recently on  “Conan “The Barbarian” O’Brien, Butler was asked about Aniston, who is his costar in the movie he is  making.   He replied by saying,  ‘Yeah, we’re getting married. What the he–,” Butler tells Parade magazine. Check out al (Read the original story on US Magazine)

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Adam Lambert – God Hates Hate, Not Fags

Adam Lambert spoke to The Chapparal about the recent protest of the Westboro Baptist Church regarding his performance in San Jose, California.   The church patrons were protesting Adam’s appearance with signs that said “God hates fags. Here is a copy of the original transcript from the interview.

The Chaparral: What do you do about… the hate, which I don’t want to bring up, but…

Adam Lambert: Oh yeah, yeah. I’ve been hearing about that. Yeah, there were some protestors in San Jose. I guess the Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing a bunch of the concerts because of American Idol’s “fag infestation.” Well, I guess they like to put on their signs, “God Hates Fags,” but I think God hates hate more.

TC: Amen. [high fives]
AL: I kind of think there’s probably a better way of spending their energy. Probably doing some good would be better, promoting positive causes, helping the homeless…

TC: Hugging someone.
AL: Yeah. Spreading some love, I think, would probably be more beneficial than hate, you know? But I ignore it. I say everyone’s entitled to their opinion!

TC: A change is gonna come.
AL: [laughs] I agree, I agree.

TC: Pet peeves?
AL: That kind of crap. That’s a pet peeve. No, in a related thing to that, it’s been interesting—because I’m Jewish. [laughs] And clearly gay. And I get a lot fan mail and gifts that are trying to express Christian ideals and Bible scriptures. It’s awkward because that’s not my belief system. I respect people for the intention in which they’re giving these gifts, because I know it’s out love and hope, but it doesn’t match my belief system at all, so I kind of wish there’d be a little bit more respect for that.

TC: The way I see it: music and spirituality, they can be intertwined, but when they start to contradict each other or people start to lose the meaning behind the music…
AL: Yeah! I mean, my music is just for entertainment value, I’m not trying to preach to anybody, I’m not trying to spread any agenda, I’m just trying to get people up and dancing and feeling good. There’s nothing controversial about that.

TC: It’s just fun.
AL: Yeah, it’s fun. It’s fun and it’s sexy. And if sexy scares you, don’t listen to my music

Well put  ADAM!!!!!!!!!

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Adam Lambert Adamgasm



I’m going to push the limit here for just a bit. At least the public limit for me. The only thing that would have made it better is if Adam was singing!

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Jon Gosselin’s new “friend” – SHE CAN WORK A BONG TOO


Will Hailey Glassman trip ever end?  It doesn’t look like its going to stop anytime soon or even slow down…  Although, the longer the trip lasts the better Hailey Glasspipeman likes it!

It’s no secret that Goodtime Hailey,  Jon’s new “friend”  likes her share of the chronic. But in a new video airing on tonight’s Inside Edition, she shows that she knows her way around a bong, too.  She has so many facits!

In another clip, she’s smoking the peace pipe, like a Native American,  pantless on the couch and later passed out. umm Classy!

Of course, it seems like she and Jon are ahead of the game and tried to do damage control with their family-friendly playground outing yesterday…  The two froliced around in the Harlem Harriman State Park in New York.  She picked a lovely flower and put it behind his ear and she swang while Jon pushed her….  Glasspipeman told Jon she wanted be as high as she could, so Jon pushed her as hard as his little Asian arms could push!  But I question if swinging was what she had in mind.

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Harry Potter’s Vincent Crabbe – HIGH TIMES AT HOGWARTS HIGH

I don’t know if Great Britian has something equivalent to the FFA / Future Farmers of America, in their schools but I’m pretty sure Harry Potter’s bully turned marijuana cultivator, Jamie Waylet won’t be trying to join anytime soon.

Jamie Waylett, who plays the Harry Potter bully Vincent Crabbe was sentenced this morning to 120 hours of community service for his magical green thumb. Draco Malfoy’s wingman could have faced up to 14 years behind bars after pleading guilty last week to growing 10 cannabis plants in his mother’s home.

The hearing that lasted only 15-minutes, after the judge decided against sending the actor to jail, as his plant farm was done on a “small scale” and Waylett himself was quick to admit to the error of his ways.

“I give you credit for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity, your cooperation with police and the fact that you are, until now, a man of good character,” the judge admitted.

Outside the courthouse, Waylett, who celebrates his 20th birthday today, was quick to make amends with both his fans and employers.

“I extend my sincere apologies to the producers, cast and crew and all at Warners and most especially to all Harry Potter fans,” he said.

The next time Vincent Crabbe wants to get high, he may want to stick a little closer with the confinds of the law.  Plus, I don’t know if he’s noticed, but having the munchies isn’t helping any…

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It was reported Saturday night, Jon Gosselin was photographed with his penis hanging out at Accademia di Vino with some new blonde that was neither Kate Gosselin,  Hailey Glasspipeman nor Lindsay Lohan.

She was later identified as Kate Major, a reporter from Star, and there was talk of her “flirting shamelessly with Jon.”celebrity_birthday_party_LC1_0004_Layer_16_full

No! It couldn’t be, right? How could he leave his piece of ass secret fiancée and all-around elegant 22-year-old lady? This new Kate character didn’t even have a thongscandalous Facebook ready for the Internet to mine for porn party photos or a story of getting kicked out of fat camp for sneaking Panda Express. In other words, she just wasn’t good enough in bed for our Jon.

And just like that, Jon and Hailey soothed our rash fears and reunited after a week apart for a lovely trot stroll through Harlem Harriman State Park in the ghetto New York. They always know just what to do to keep us talking, sort of like another certain couple who shall not be named.  Adam and Kris?

According to voyers onlookers, the two were not shy about their flachulents love.

They held hands, hugged and sucked kissed; Hailey picked her nose a flower and placed it behind Jon’s ear and they played with each others genitals on the swings.

How romantic, how beautiful. Just imagine if there had been no paparazzi to capture the love radiating from these two. The world would be a safer darker place, for sure.

As for the timeline of when the pair started screwingdating, a source on J.Goss damage control Bull Shits swears to People that the devoted husband was masturbating “heartbroken, totally heartbroken” when Kate told him she was done with his small Asian cock  him, which actually “came in out of her mouth the blue.”

The two had been separated for a year prior to Kate screwing her body guard filing for divorce, according to the source, during which time Jon was not allowed to sleep in the couple’s bedroom. That was when he started partying, but the dating stuff didn’t begin until after the divorce papers were filed.

Nice try at demonizing Kate, source, but we all know they’re both the worst.

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Ryan Reynolds Pics – HOT AND SEXY

Ryan Renolds is Super Hot!  After watching The Proposal last-night I just had to  have more…  What do you think?

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The Proposal – YOU HAVE TO SEE IT

Last-night my hubby and I went to see a wonderful movie — The Proposal,staring my favorite actress, Sandra Bullock and her leading man Ryan Reynolds… The movie was absolutely fabulous! I believe I’ve seen every movie Sandra Bullock has made and, perhaps with the exception of the classic, Ms. Congeniality, The Proposal is the best ever! She and the all star cast, including Ryan Reynolds, Malin Akerman, Mary Steenburgen, Grag T. Nelson and Betty Whiteall gave outstanding performances… I laughed and cried all through the movie. Thank God for my post movie Prozac… Margaret Tate — Sandra Bullock, played a hard nosed socially inept Chief Editor for a book company that was in the U.S. on a work visa from Canada. She had left the country temporarily for work but did not fill out the proper paper work before leaving. The U.S. government decided to revoke her work visa because of the incident. In an attempt to stay her deportation, Margaret Aka Sandra B. decides to ( temporarily ) marry her good-hearted yet HOT, personal assistant Andrew Paxton, played by Ryan Reynolds… The immigration officer, Mr. Gilbertson played by Denis O’Hare, is hot on the couples trail in an attempt to debunk the phony engagment and have Margaret deported… I never said this movie was realistic,, ” Como Esta? “. In an attempt to convenience the immigration officer that they engagement is real, the couple go to Sitka, Alaska to visit his family and to announce their upcoming marriage. Andrew’s mother Grace, played by Mary Steenburgen and Grandma Gammy, played by Betty Whitetake a special interest in Margret and not only convince the couple to get married in their barn but treat Margret to several excursions including a trip to the only strip club on the small island. Once on the island, Margarete begins spending time with Andrew and actually does fall in love with him. Having forgotten what it was like to have a family, since hers died when she was 16, Margaret realizes she cannot hurt Andrew, and so confesses the deal at the wedding ceremony. However, Andrew chases her to New York just before she is deported and confesses his love for her; they then get engaged “for real”. This movie was both hilarious and heart-warming…. The Alaskan scenery was aw-inspiring! You have to go see this movie! On a personal note, I never realized how HOT Ryan Reynolds was, that is until I saw he and Sandra nude…. ( Don’t worry, no frontal, damn it!)… I have to nominate him for the 2009 Hottie Award!

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Sorry, when we moved we lost the pictures of Adam…  THEY ARE BACK NOW!!  COME LOOK….

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David Beckham pics – COLOR ME HORNEY

When it comes to David Beckham you CAN color me horney!  He is the gottest guy around.

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Sorry guys, I found this picture and I had to use it! Jon gives Deanna and Haily a ride to the curb to be picked up with the rest of the trash.

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Amy Winehouse – GETS A DIVORCE

A London judge granted the divorce between the Scamy Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil — it becomes final in just over six weeks if no disputes arise.

Blake — who spent most of the marriage getting it in his behind bars  — filed the divorce papers earlier this year after Wino admitted to cheating.

I hear Tony Romo is single……………………..

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Don’t ya just hate getting your drivers license renewed? You have to go stand in line–for what seems like hours and wait for people who apparently hate their jobs to shuffle around and finally take your picture… Well, not if your Paris Hilton!

Peeps at the DMV in Santa Monica say that Paris paid a visit the other day and got a new pic … after posing for 5 of them. We’re also told Hilton’s assistant called ahead and asked the staff for a little special treatment so the woman famous for doing nothing wouldn’t have to stagnate in a long line. They accommodated the request. And employees were told to turn their cell phones off so no one would take a pic of Hilton getting her picture taken …

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Jon Gosselin – Dickie Doo Disease

WTF! Everytime I turn around there is another picture of Jon Gosselin showing of his Kegger belly! This is really gross… But it is getting him some attention! I know there is a joke about Dickie Doo Disease in there somewhere! You know, does your belly stick out farther than your dickie doo? Augh….

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And the saga continues…  It has just been reported that One of the Octomom’s brude has been rushed to the hospital. 

A two-year-old male was vomiting after ingesting an unknown substance.  He was transported to St. Jude Hospital.

Just as most of the world predicted, it is impossable for one person to care for or to monitor the activities of so many children.  Will it take a death before someone steps in to do something about the welfare of the children?

Story still developing…

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on Gosselin & Hailey Glassman – SEX DRUGS & ROCK n’ ROLL

I think of all of the recently published photos of Jon Gosselin and his new flava of da month, Hailey Glassman, this one is my favorite!  Nothing turns me on like overweight asian man .  I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!  Handlebars or Lovehandles?  Wuwww. 

Now Handlebar Hailey’s school chums are even rating her out…  Your not famus until your friends turn on you or atleast start doing interviews  about you for Star Magazine.

E News spoke to a source that says “At their High School prom, she kind of ended up in everybody’s rooms!  ” he says. Ahhh! And that’s not all—she apparently knew just how to turn a boring field trip into superfun!

“She was a wannabe, kind of ditsy in her own way,” the classmate goes on. “She just did what she could to fit in. She would just say the most absurd things at the worst possible times.”

Full disclosure: Mr. McSource did some modeling back in high school and Hailey had a crush on him; he did not like her back. Ah, high school, so tragic.

Elsewhere on the Internet, another friendly source talks about Hailey: The College Years.

“Over winter break the first year she lost 20 pounds. When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two words…’coke diet!'” this friend tells The Superficial. Also, Hailey was a gracious hostess during her sophomore Acapulco spring break trip.

“She spent all week hosting several football players in her room. The room was definitely not the only thing she provided (I heard about definite tag-team action).”

Jon Gosselin rolled into the family homestead a few days ago. Looks like it took a day to get all that Ed Hardy out of his system.

Surprisingly, Kate was able to stand being in the same vicinity as her globe-trotting, stoner-dating soon-to-be-ex-husband. There weren’t even any reports of violence or verbal altercations from the house.

In fact, an eyewitness who actually saw Jon walk past Kate says, “It looks like they were civil towards each other. They stayed with each other and the kids for a little while, and then she packed her luggage in her car and left.”

That’s right! Now it’s Kate’s turn to find a troubled twentysomething lovah and go yacht partying. Divorces are the best. And speaking of young troubled lovahs, we’ve got some more info on the elegant Hailey Glassman.

James Appleton, a spring break party friend from Acapulco, told E! News that Hailey was “always down to have a good time.” Yeah, big surprise.

But it’s not always fun and parties for Hailey, she sometimes focuses on being a celebrity. “Once she puts her mind to something, she’s going to do it,” Appleton says. The pair bonded over their interest in acting, and Glassman told him she wanted to be famous one day.

Well, look at her now, she’s got this hot piece, and we’re actually talking about her. Dream come true.

Also today in official Hailey Glassman news, there are her high school pictures, and she’s bisexual. Party on!

Oh, except that she’s an evil bisexual. Hailey’s old lesbian lover warns, “You are wasting your time with Hailey. She’ll destroy you…She’s toxic.” Bummer.

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YOU are under my spell.....

YOU are under my spell.....

Lookie here what I found… Our article titled ( Michael Jackson 777  Obama 666 ) has gotten quite a bit of attention.  So, I googled it just to see where it ranked and guess what I found?  I thought that I was being original with my idea and even said I was curious about how many associations could be put with Obama and 666.  Well here is one that just popped up!  I guess I’m not the only one that has noticed strange things happening…

Her is a copy of the article and a link to the site so you can read it for yourself…  Very eerie…

This is really strange. On the heels of the Obama historic election as president, his home state of Illinois drew 666 in its Pick 3 lottery. Is this just a fluke or a sign of things to come. Many people have called Obama the Anti-Christin the pre-elections, but that is really not uncommon of public features. Almost all of them have been compared to the Anti-Christ at some point in their careers. Its also not the first time that the 666 number has surfaced in a Pick 3 lottery, but for this to happen in Illinoisright after Obama was elected is really strange.

I don’t subscribe to conspiracy theories much, but this one is a little over the top and the timing of this 666 drawing in Illinoisis just eery. So what are your thoughts? Does this mean Illinois 666 drawinglends credibility that Obama is the Anti-Christ? There are a lot of similarities between Obama and characteristics that people have assigned to the Anti-Christ and even in the bible. I’ll wait until he starts killing people before I associate the Illinois lottery drawing 666to Obama. I never liked him nor supported his plan, but now he is the president and he should have a measure of initial support. Of course if he screws up, it will definitely be posted here. I may have to open the bible this afternoon and take a look for some additional similarities not because I want Obama to be the Anti-Christ, just because I’m curious now about the potential implications for this Illinois 666 drawing. Perhaps they are related, if they are not related it sure is weird.

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David Letterman is back up to his old tricks…  Sarah Palin decided to resign at just the right time ( If her intentions were to let David taunt her a little more ). 

You have got to see this… Click here to watch the video!

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Adam Lambert – IS BACK IN THE NEWS!

Ok, ladies!!!  Adam Lambert is back in the news!  ( insert: screaming and clapping sounds here. )  Apparently–ET did an interview with “The Prince of Passion”  and HERE IT IS! 

The “American Idol 2009 Summer Tour” kicked off on July 5. Now, ET talks to season eight runner-up Adam Lambert about the tour, his upcoming album and why he chose to wait so long to come out.

ET: Can you talk about how you envision your upcoming album?

Adam Lambert: I am so excited, because I am getting to write with the top people in the business and that is such an honor. I never would have never gotten that opportunity if it hadn’t been for this. A lot of people go, “Are you rock, or are you pop? What’s your genre?” I did a bunch of different genres on “Idol,” so I don’t know why I have to pick one. It will definitely have elements of rock, but the production on it, the instrumentation sonically will be very modern and electronic. The word “pop” as a classification means that it is popular. All that really entails is that it is catchy. So, I want to write a bunch of catchy, rock-electro, dance, disco things with a lot of glam to it. Glam is about the visual presentation. It has very little to do with the actual music.

ET: What will you perform on the tour?

Adam Lambert: I am doing a David Bowie medley at the end of my set: “Life on Mars?,” “Fame” and “Let’s Dance.” We are doing it much like I am doing my album. We are trying to produce them with an electronic, dance-driven edge. Hopefully, it will set the tone for the type of material I am doing.

ET: In the interview that you did following the “American Idol” finale, you wouldn’t talk about your sexuality. Yet you did for Rolling Stone. Why did you wait? Did you think it would make a difference? Did you know you had the cover?

Adam Lambert: A little bit of both. The reason that I waited was I wanted to be able to sit down and explain myself. I didn’t want it to be an isolated thing. I wanted it to be a full article, 100 percent me, no filter. In a press junket, it felt as if it was cheapening the truth of it. I was also waiting to see how active the press would be in trying to get that answer out of me before I came forward with it. I never thought it was really a big deal because I have lived my life that way for a long time, and the people I associate with don’t think it is a big deal. It was interesting to wait a little while to see what it would be like. There was a lot of speculation. You know what? I think part of being a showman is creating suspense and demand and interest, so I am not going to lie and say I didn’t plan it a little bit.

ET: What is the must-have item you are going to take on the tour?

Adam Lambert: My iPod. I definitely need music. It is a great escape when you need to separate from everybody. Throw on the headphones and you are in your own little world.

ET: How will you deal with the stress of the tour?

Adam Lambert: I am going to try to be a little more physically active, get into some stretching. I want to use the gyms at the hotels we end up at and do some cardio. I think when you keep in shape, it keeps your head in shape. We don’t always get that opportunity. “Idol”‘s schedule was really full and we didn’t have time to work on our physical selves.

ET: Your life has changed tremendously since you started doing this. Can you tell us how?

Adam Lambert: All these opportunities. It is unbelievable. I would have had to beg and scream to get these types of chances before. Also, the anonymity flies right out the window. It is hard to go places and not get noticed. People come up to you and say, “I love you and I want to take my picture with you.” It is cool that you have touched them with music, but it can get a little bit overwhelming at times when you turn into a tourist attraction.

ET: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Adam Lambert: I feel that people ask me that a lot and I don’t know. I feel that I have talked about everything. I cracked my life right open. I have tried to rack my brain over that.

ET: What are your personal goals?

Adam Lambert: I just want to make cool music and wear cool clothes. It is not much deeper than that. I want to entertain people and figure out new ways to get people’s attention, keep them dancing and maybe cross over to other forms of media — maybe TV and film in the future, maybe fashion. We will see what the future holds.

ET: What part of America are you looking forward to seeing the most?

Adam Lambert: It will be interesting to go to places I have never been before, but we don’t get a lot of time outside of the tour venue. I think I am most excited about doing the shows in California because I have a lot of family in the Bay area and tons of family and friends here in L.A. and San Diego, my home town. Also, I am excited about the New York shows because we are there like a week.

The “American Idol 2009 Summer Tour” continues to wend its way across America, wrapping up on September 15 in Manchester, NH.

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Harry Potter’s Vincent Crabbe – GETS STONED !

Jamie Waylett, or as known to Harry Potter fans as the bully of Hogwarts, Vincent Crabbe, has been charged with growing marijuana in his mothers house.  I’m sure he was growing it for medacinal purposes–right???

At least now he know where all of the pretty colors were coming from… 

The 19-year-old, who is scheduled to appear in court on July 16, faces a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison if found guilty.

Too bad “Harry Potter” doesn’t film in cannabis-friendly L.A, where we’re pretty sure this sort of infraction is slightly less frowned upon than double-parking.

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Bill O’Reilly speaks out about – MICHAEL JACKSON

Bill O’reilly gave his opinion on Michael Jackson today.  No Bill, tell us what you really think…. 

Here he is stateing his opinion and then having a heated debate with Dr. Mark Lamont Hill…

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Here is a Trivia Question for you….

What do Michael Jackson and Albert Einstein have in common…besides pure genius? Both their brains are in a glass jar—at least for the time being.

According to E! News, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office says it’s holding onto a section of the late King of Pop’s brain as part of its investigation into how he died.

Because toxicology tests take several weeks and are not yet complete, a coroner spokesman says pathologists need to wait for the organ to harden before they can conduct neuropathology tests to help determine what caused Jackson’s apparent cardiac arrest and subsequent death.

Investigators have focused on the possibility that Jackson accidentally overdosed on a potent anesthetic, and a thorough examination of brain tissue might shed some light on what drugs were in his system.

The coroner’s office has told Jackson relatives they have the option of burying Michael without the missing portion of his brain, or they can wait until tests are done and the tissue returned to its original place before finally laying him to rest.

That could explain why relatives have yet to hold a burial service for the late pop star.

The whereabouts of his remains are not known, having disappeared from public view following yesterday’s poignant public memorial; however, a family friend told E! News Michael would be back at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where a private funeral service was held earlier Tuesday.

Jackson’s death certificate, signed by his sister La Toya, was also issued Tuesday, listing the cause of death as “deferred.” A burial permit filed with the Los Angeles County’s Office of Vital Records has not been made public.

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Lindsay Lohan called a locksmith for help late last night then showed her gratitude by stiffing him!  Which I’m sure isn’t the first man to be stiffed by Lindsay but anyway… 

Lindsay and Sam Ronson were forced to call USafe Locksmith to Sam’s house when they realized they lost the  freaking house keys. 

As the locksmith did his thing, Lindsay found an open window, which I’m sure also isn’t her first time,  and told the locksmith he could stop. The locksmith asked for his $39 fee, but Lindsay refused, offering a hand job $20 instead.

The locksmith tells us Sam then told him to move his car away from the property. He obliged, but when he came back, Lindsay and Sam had locked themselves in the house and didn’t pay him a penny.  Maybe they lost the keys again inside the house and couldn’t find another unlocked window to get back out?  Who knows, Lindsay isn’t known to be the sharpest crayon in the box…


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Alan Thicke – GETS WOOD


With a last name like “Thicke” I already have naughty little thoughts… Now this! 

The very married, Alan Thicke, best known for his role as the overprotective Dad from “Growing Pains“, was caught it the act!

Alan and host/Playboy cover girl Olivia Munn were getting their smooch on while taping the 1,000th episode of “Attack of the Show” which airs Thursday on G4.

I’m sure she was just showing her gratification gratitude to the married star, but still.

I wonder what Mrs. Thicke had to say…

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Betty White – R.I.P.?


We’ve lost a lot of icons recently — but no matter what NBC says, Betty White isn’t one of ’em!

During a report yesterday morning at Forest Lawn Cemetery, “Today’s” Michael Okwu listed the “Golden Girl” as one of the celebrities already buried there.

Meredith Vieira corrected him — he probably meant Bette Davis.

I personally would like for someone to interview Betty and get her thoughts on the slip up…  Betty has a great sense of humor and I’m sure she got a big of a kick out of the error as I did…

Watch the video HERE…

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Michael Jackson’s 777 vs Obama’s 666

All of America is already in a  freanzy  about the loss of so many celebrities is such a short period of time.  Six, to be exact.  David Carradine, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Ed McMahon and Karl Malden.  Six is a bad number!

Now, someone has figured out the FREAKY  stuff.. I’m even freaked out over this information… It sends chills down my spine, especially after Michael’s  ghostly shadow was reported at Never Land…

In case you didn’t know… The number 666 represents Satin because he is considered to be incomplete and can not reach the number the next level.  God, on the other hand, is represented by the number 7 which signifies completeness…  That is the reason there is so many  references to the number 7 in the Bible when referring to God. 

Now check this out!

Michael Jackson had his memorial today, which was  77-09

Michael Jackson signed his will on  77-02

Michael dies 7 years after he signed his will…

He was the 7th sibling in his family.

His biggest hits, “Billy Jean” & “Black & White” were both NO.1 for 7 weeks.

His albums, “Thriller, Bad and Dangerous”, all produced 7 top 40 hits.

Is this not creepy enough for you? 

We even discussed the possibility of  Obama being the Anti-Christ in Sunday school before Obama became President.  Our preacher assured us that it would be a global event, not just within the United States.  I didn’t really put much stock in the possibility anyway.

Michael effected the globe, much like Obama is attempting to today.

From what I remember being tought from Sunday school about  the book of Revelations in The Bible, however, Christ would return.  That he would attempt to bring peace to the world and fail and then perish.

During this time the Anti-Christ would rise and accomplish what Christ could not, bringing peace to the world….  He is known as “The Deceiver“.

Obama has deceived many of us since becomming President with his false promises. 

Michael Jackson vs Obama?

If I’m not mistaken, Michael Jackson had his picture made with every President “except” Obama…..

I find this VERY scary!!!!!! 

Michael attempted to bring peace to the world.  He came close but didn’t reach his goal.

Michael was accused of several horrible acts that was never proven as fact and never wavered from his goal of equality and peace for all people of the PLANET, not just the United States.

Michael’s life was surrounded by the number 7.

Michael has passed.

Obama became President before Michael’s death.

Michael attempted to change the world though love which he did.  But he was unable to achieve global peace.

They never had their picture made together which is the only President that he did not have his picture made with.

People followed Obama no matter what he did or said as if they were in a trance and still elected him President.

Obama is now developing peaceful relationships with world leaders to bring peace to he world although the citizens of the United States do not like his tactics, just as the Bible had predicted that he Anti-Christ “The Deciever” would do.

I just wonder how many 6’s Obama can be affiliated with?

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Does Anyone Feel Like I do about Michael Jackson?

Michael-Jackson-no-longer-neverThis again gets my blood boiling.  Maybe it’s my night to examine people and things and look at how asinine people can be. 

I’ve seen bits and pieces of Michael Jackson’s memorial service today, and I would say that it was really eloquent and a wonderful tribute.  My god, when Paris Jackson spoke at the end, I don’t think anyone could question Michael’s love for his children and their love for him.  What riles me up is the way that all spoke of Michael as if he was this wonderful human being, the greatest person of the century.  Maybe he was…I don’t know, since I’ve never met him and have only read and heard things like the rest of you have. I have no idea what kind of man he truly was, and quite honestly it’s none of my business,  and I won’t pass judgement since our paths have never crossed.

 My question is…where were all of these celebrities and fans when he was alive?  If the way they eulogized him is true, Michael would have loved to have shared more of his life with the public and with them as well.  Why in the world did you think he scheduled concerts in England?  Do you really think that  he would have sold out over 50 concerts in the United States?  Where were all of these celebrities when he was being charged with child molestation?  Staying clear, that’s where.  Now that he’s gone, the world cannot comprehend his death. Sorry folks, but where in the hell were all of these people when he was alive?

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Bomb Smuggled into Federal Buildings

murrah2This really gets me angry!.  Plainclothes investigators were sent into federal buildings with bomb parts and not only got through security, they were able to go to the restroom, assemble the bombs, put them in briefcases and walk into individual offices!  It gets even better, one of the buildings housed offices of Homeland Security, which is responsible for keeping all federal office building.

These investigators used actual bomb parts, not simulated explosives! They also took photos of one guard sleeping.  And it gets better, this guard was fired, then sued the agancy for failing to provide X-Ray training, and he won because it could not be proven that he had indeed been trained. 

CNN is reporting on the entire story.  Take a look at for all of the details.  

  If this is any sign on how safe we are…..we are in deep doggie doo.

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Michael Jackson’s – MEMORIAL SERVICE ( Recap )

The Michael Jackson Memorial Service ended just moments ago.  The truth that Michael is gone didn’t begin to hit until his casket was wheeled from the families private service to the hearse for the trip to Staples Arena for his memorial.

It was absolutely amazing the speed and professionalism with which the memorial service assembled.

I was very disappointed at the fact that Dianna Ross was absent.  She did, however, send a letter of apology that was read at the beginning of the service.

The service was a celebration of his life.  All of the performances were heart felt and spectacular. 

Berry Gordy spoke.  He described Michael’s professional and personal life.  He personally called Michael Jackson the biggest, most talented performer that there has ever been.  If anyone would know, it would be him.

I was shocked that Al Sharpton was even allowed to speak.  He, of course, attempted to point out the racial points of Michael’s life and death as he does with everything.  After delivering such a powerful speech I found it humorous that when, at the end of the service, they were all singing “We Are The World” and everyone was swaying with their hand in the air, the camera panned to him and he was the ONLY one not participating.  As soon as he turned his head and saw that he was on TV, a look of surprise came over his face and he threw his hand into the air!  What a hypocrite!

At the end of the service the family was on stage.  Some of them took turns at expressing their feeling about his passing.  We thought that Janet was going to speak but instead she dropped the mike down so that Michael’s daughter could reach it.  His daughter, Paris, said, Ever since I was born he has been the best Dad and I love him so much.   She then broke into sobbing tears and turned to Janet. It was so so incredibly sad.

If you didn’t get to watch the service I hope you recorded it.  If not, get your hands on a recording…  You will not be disappointed.

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293_jackson_mourner_063009Here is  your chance to tell Michael Jackson goodbye.  Click on comments and give your final farewell.

In just a few hours they will be laying Michael Jackson to rest.  The gifts that the Mega Super Star and the King of Pop gave us will never be forgotten and his memory eternal.

We watched Michael grow from a little boy into a man.  We watched him as he struggled through his toils and tribulations. 

All the while, Michael never stopped giving of himself.  He was steadfast and unwavering in his belief that there was good in all people. 

The stars will be a little less bright because you are gone.

We will miss you!

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