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Fantasize this.  It’s late, the air is warm and a breeze from an open window gently caresses your skin.  Quietly and cautiously, you walk across the room.  You can hear the drumming of your  heart as you  creep ever closer to the side of Kris Allens bed.  Pulse quickening and hands shaking, you reach to grasp the edge of the cover.   Pulling down the cover, you slowly sit on the side of the bed.  Slipping one leg under the cover, you can feel the satin sheet as it glides across your leg.  Slipping your other leg beneath the cover you pull the sheets up to your shoulders as you sink into the warmth and saftey of the bed.


Sorry, Kris Allen is not optional…


If you ever dreamed of sleeping in  Kris Allen’s bed, here’s your chance … and his wife is totally on board to let it happen.

Kris and Katy are currently sub-leasing their fully furnished apartment in Cabot, Arkansas for $600 a month, because the young lovebirds will be spending the next couple of months holed up in Hollywood.

Considering there are only around 20,000 people in Cabot … you don’t have to worry about a long line to apply.

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Adam Lambert – God Hates Hate, Not Fags

Adam Lambert spoke to The Chapparal about the recent protest of the Westboro Baptist Church regarding his performance in San Jose, California.   The church patrons were protesting Adam’s appearance with signs that said “God hates fags. Here is a copy of the original transcript from the interview.

The Chaparral: What do you do about… the hate, which I don’t want to bring up, but…

Adam Lambert: Oh yeah, yeah. I’ve been hearing about that. Yeah, there were some protestors in San Jose. I guess the Westboro Baptist Church is planning on picketing a bunch of the concerts because of American Idol’s “fag infestation.” Well, I guess they like to put on their signs, “God Hates Fags,” but I think God hates hate more.

TC: Amen. [high fives]
AL: I kind of think there’s probably a better way of spending their energy. Probably doing some good would be better, promoting positive causes, helping the homeless…

TC: Hugging someone.
AL: Yeah. Spreading some love, I think, would probably be more beneficial than hate, you know? But I ignore it. I say everyone’s entitled to their opinion!

TC: A change is gonna come.
AL: [laughs] I agree, I agree.

TC: Pet peeves?
AL: That kind of crap. That’s a pet peeve. No, in a related thing to that, it’s been interesting—because I’m Jewish. [laughs] And clearly gay. And I get a lot fan mail and gifts that are trying to express Christian ideals and Bible scriptures. It’s awkward because that’s not my belief system. I respect people for the intention in which they’re giving these gifts, because I know it’s out love and hope, but it doesn’t match my belief system at all, so I kind of wish there’d be a little bit more respect for that.

TC: The way I see it: music and spirituality, they can be intertwined, but when they start to contradict each other or people start to lose the meaning behind the music…
AL: Yeah! I mean, my music is just for entertainment value, I’m not trying to preach to anybody, I’m not trying to spread any agenda, I’m just trying to get people up and dancing and feeling good. There’s nothing controversial about that.

TC: It’s just fun.
AL: Yeah, it’s fun. It’s fun and it’s sexy. And if sexy scares you, don’t listen to my music

Well put  ADAM!!!!!!!!!

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Adam Lambert Adamgasm



I’m going to push the limit here for just a bit. At least the public limit for me. The only thing that would have made it better is if Adam was singing!

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Sorry, when we moved we lost the pictures of Adam…  THEY ARE BACK NOW!!  COME LOOK….

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Adam Lambert – IS BACK IN THE NEWS!

Ok, ladies!!!  Adam Lambert is back in the news!  ( insert: screaming and clapping sounds here. )  Apparently–ET did an interview with “The Prince of Passion”  and HERE IT IS! 

The “American Idol 2009 Summer Tour” kicked off on July 5. Now, ET talks to season eight runner-up Adam Lambert about the tour, his upcoming album and why he chose to wait so long to come out.

ET: Can you talk about how you envision your upcoming album?

Adam Lambert: I am so excited, because I am getting to write with the top people in the business and that is such an honor. I never would have never gotten that opportunity if it hadn’t been for this. A lot of people go, “Are you rock, or are you pop? What’s your genre?” I did a bunch of different genres on “Idol,” so I don’t know why I have to pick one. It will definitely have elements of rock, but the production on it, the instrumentation sonically will be very modern and electronic. The word “pop” as a classification means that it is popular. All that really entails is that it is catchy. So, I want to write a bunch of catchy, rock-electro, dance, disco things with a lot of glam to it. Glam is about the visual presentation. It has very little to do with the actual music.

ET: What will you perform on the tour?

Adam Lambert: I am doing a David Bowie medley at the end of my set: “Life on Mars?,” “Fame” and “Let’s Dance.” We are doing it much like I am doing my album. We are trying to produce them with an electronic, dance-driven edge. Hopefully, it will set the tone for the type of material I am doing.

ET: In the interview that you did following the “American Idol” finale, you wouldn’t talk about your sexuality. Yet you did for Rolling Stone. Why did you wait? Did you think it would make a difference? Did you know you had the cover?

Adam Lambert: A little bit of both. The reason that I waited was I wanted to be able to sit down and explain myself. I didn’t want it to be an isolated thing. I wanted it to be a full article, 100 percent me, no filter. In a press junket, it felt as if it was cheapening the truth of it. I was also waiting to see how active the press would be in trying to get that answer out of me before I came forward with it. I never thought it was really a big deal because I have lived my life that way for a long time, and the people I associate with don’t think it is a big deal. It was interesting to wait a little while to see what it would be like. There was a lot of speculation. You know what? I think part of being a showman is creating suspense and demand and interest, so I am not going to lie and say I didn’t plan it a little bit.

ET: What is the must-have item you are going to take on the tour?

Adam Lambert: My iPod. I definitely need music. It is a great escape when you need to separate from everybody. Throw on the headphones and you are in your own little world.

ET: How will you deal with the stress of the tour?

Adam Lambert: I am going to try to be a little more physically active, get into some stretching. I want to use the gyms at the hotels we end up at and do some cardio. I think when you keep in shape, it keeps your head in shape. We don’t always get that opportunity. “Idol”‘s schedule was really full and we didn’t have time to work on our physical selves.

ET: Your life has changed tremendously since you started doing this. Can you tell us how?

Adam Lambert: All these opportunities. It is unbelievable. I would have had to beg and scream to get these types of chances before. Also, the anonymity flies right out the window. It is hard to go places and not get noticed. People come up to you and say, “I love you and I want to take my picture with you.” It is cool that you have touched them with music, but it can get a little bit overwhelming at times when you turn into a tourist attraction.

ET: What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Adam Lambert: I feel that people ask me that a lot and I don’t know. I feel that I have talked about everything. I cracked my life right open. I have tried to rack my brain over that.

ET: What are your personal goals?

Adam Lambert: I just want to make cool music and wear cool clothes. It is not much deeper than that. I want to entertain people and figure out new ways to get people’s attention, keep them dancing and maybe cross over to other forms of media — maybe TV and film in the future, maybe fashion. We will see what the future holds.

ET: What part of America are you looking forward to seeing the most?

Adam Lambert: It will be interesting to go to places I have never been before, but we don’t get a lot of time outside of the tour venue. I think I am most excited about doing the shows in California because I have a lot of family in the Bay area and tons of family and friends here in L.A. and San Diego, my home town. Also, I am excited about the New York shows because we are there like a week.

The “American Idol 2009 Summer Tour” continues to wend its way across America, wrapping up on September 15 in Manchester, NH.

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Adam Lambert - HOT AS HELL
Adam Lambert – HOT AS HELL

Just can’t get enough of Adam Lambert?  Well here you go… 28 HOT PICS of the The Prince of Passion. 

The King of Rock may be gone and The King of Pop may be dead but The Prince of Passion is ready to take the throne…

Click on images to get a closer look!


You can find this and other articles about Adam Lambert on our home page.  Just click on this link   wttp://  Hope to see you there!  

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