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Have you ever been going through your normal day to day life and a light bulb suddenly comes one?  It’s sorta like your mind has all of these facts swirling around and eventually the pieces fit together forming a complete picture. 

   I just had one of those moments.  Let’s look at the evidence and see if you come up with the same conclusion.

Michael Jackson’s biological son, Omer Bhatti, is revealed.

Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, confirms the suspicions saying “Omer looks like “A” Jackson and dances like “A” Jackson.”  He says the young man is Michael’s son.

Joe Jackson isn’t known to be the most honest person in the world and often turns facts to fit his own wants and needs.

Michael, so desperate for children of his own, who would aquire them through whatever means possible, never acknowledged his own son as his own?  Even though Michael spent a lot of time with him? 

Omer Bhatti  does look and move like a Jackson…  When watching him perform, I felt he personally reminded me more of Janet than Michael.  Thats when it all clicked!

Michael allegedly met and had a one-night-stand with Omer’s mother in 1984.

Omer’s mother and the man said to be Omer’s  father moved in with Michael Jackson at the Neverland Ranch for a couple of years.  His mother worked for Michael as a nanny and his father as Michael’s chauffeur.  Wouldn’t that make you very uncomfortable if you were his biological mother or alleged father knowing that your employer had been with your wife?

Janet Jackson–age 18– married James DeBarge in the same year, 1984, the same year Michael allegedly had his one-night-stand with Omer’s mother.   Rumors flew that she was pregnant with DeBarge’s child and that she later gave birth to a girl but the child or its gender was never confirmed.

One report states:  The story is that Janet was pregnant and her father Joe thought it would be damaging to her career if the public found out she had a child.  The child, said to be a girl but was never confirmed, was being raised by a relative.  Click here to read that story.

Now after Michael’s death, Omer wants to be DNA tested to confirm his lineage.  If Omer is part Jackson, a DNA test would prove it.  However, a mitocondrial DNA test would confirm if it was his mother or father that was a Jackson.

Omer looks like a Jackson.  Omer dances like a Jackson.  Omer also, however, looks more like a DeBarge than he does a Jackson!  Could it all be just a coincidence?  What do you think?

Debarge / Rhythm of the Night

Omer Bahatti / Practicing

July 31, 2009 - Posted by | Celebrity Gossip, Michael Jackson

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