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The Crazy Stuff Kids Do!

Crazy stuff kids do!

Let’s do something different.

On another blog site, my friends an I started talking about the crazy things that our kids had done or crazy things that we had done to them.  It really seemed to catch on and was a lot of fun.  I’ll start with my favorite story and then you can share your crazy stories about your kids.


It was around Christmas time a few years ago and our two children were getting to be just about the age where they questioning if Santa Clause was real or not. 

We told them the usual stuff.  If you don’t believe in Santa he might not bring you any gifts so you better believe just to be safe….  You better still be good just in case he does exist, you wouldn’t want to miss out on getting gifts.  etc….

Christmas Eve night my husband was getting smashed partaking in some “Christmas Spirits”.  We were hurradly assembling the kids gifts that were to be from Santa for the following morning.  He and I were discussing how the children were growing up and soon they wouldn’t believe in Santa at all.

My husband, with his  twisted male way of thinking, sprang to his feet and went to the kitchen.  He got down the box of Little Debbie Brownies that I was saving for Christmas day, (you know, the kind with the little sprinkles)…  He started opening the packages of brownies and began rolling them around in his hands into the shape of turds.  I was thinking, WHAT THE HELL!  He has had WAY too much to drink.  When he was done shaping the little turds, he took them outside and threw them on the roof of the house!

The next morning, after the kids were done opening their presents, he went outside to get something from his truck.  When he came back into the house he says, in a very upset voice, “Those damn reindeer have done shit on the house”!  The kids knowing Daddy never uses bad words unless he is really really mad, jumped to their feet and rushed outside to see the fecal madder on the roof.  Their eyes were opened wide and full of wonder as they stared at the poop on the roof. 

There was then no doubt that there really was a Santa….

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Check out this screen from e-bay!  Over $10,000 for a freaking ticket to Michaels Jackson’s memorial service.  That is just unreal…  e-bay is removing the tickets from their site as quickly as possable. Maybe someone is trying to stimulate the economy!


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Recently, Simon Cowell spoke out about mistakes that were made in handling the Susan Boyle phenomenon.   The infamouse Simon Cowell has joined with the Britain’s Got Talent songstress to start production on her debut album.   The two have already recorded her first song.

“She sounds fantastic on record,” Cowell tells People. “She’s so good, the album is not just going to be show tunes.”

Just don’t expect to see Boyle’s record out anytime soon. After the runner-up’s countless issues with hospitalization, stress and exhaustion, the American Idol judge reassures fans: “We’re going to take our time with this.”

Sources say that Boyle’s Sony Music label is also on board with absolutely no pressure to record being placed on the overnight sensation, as well as an open option to walk away from the project at any time.

Despite a few bumps along the way, Boyle can currently be seen performing across the U.K. on the Britain’s Got Talent tour.

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Kate Gosselin, Jon Gosselin

Where there fireworks at the Gosselins House on the 4th of July?  Maybe the ones Jon shot for the kids and maybe even a few between Jon and Kate! 

Like Kate said, “I will be there for every holiday”.  And she was there,  for the families 4th of July celebration.  Jon and Kate were both spotted at their PA home, sitting in front of the garage as usual, watching as Jon shot fireworks for the children. 

The Gosselin’s 8 children brought out their sparklers Saturday evening—with one of the sextuplets donning a holiday-appropriate American flag shirt and shorts to celebrate. As the kids played, Jon spent an hour lighting fireworks in front of the ex-couple’s home.

Jon was even spotted laughing with Kate at one point.  It’s the first time I’ve seen Jon genuinely smile in a long time.

However, fans shouldn’t get to excited for a reconciliation just yet.

Says the source, the holiday’s events were “obviously for the kids.”

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OMG, I’m am so freaking out right now…  Larry King from CNN’s Larry King Live was doing a LIVE FEED tour from “INSIDE NEVERLAND” when a dark figure passed across the end of the hallway.

This is CNN people!  Not “Ghost Hunters”….    I got goose bumps just watching this video!

For another story of Michael hauntings see our home page

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The Rev. Al Sharpton thinks Michael Jackson deserves being honored commensurate with his star status. That means a postage stamp, a national day of mourning and deferential treatment from the media.

In advance of Tuesday’s memorial, Sharpton appearing Sunday as a guest speaker at Los Angeles’ First AME church, announcing to parishioners that he would would push for a commemorative Jackson stamp, and a waiver of the U.S. Postal Service’s usual five-year waiting post-death period. (The only exception so far has been for late presidents.)

Sharpton also took issue with how certain press outlets have covered Jackson’s death, saying there was a “disrespectful double standard” between the “Thriller” singer and other fallen icons such as Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. 

“I’m here because of the disgraceful and the despicable way [the media] is trying to destroy the legacy [of Jackson],” Sharpton said.

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Congressman, Pete King, spoke out today voicing his opinion on all of the attention that Michael Jackson’s death has received over the past weeks.  He was reported as saying that he feels that the American people should be honoring the men and women of the Armed Forced, not  a “pedophile” and “child molester” like Michael Jackson.

The Congressman bashed America’s celebration of the life of Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop” instead of honoring and giving thanks to the people who serve in the armed forces. 
It’s safe to say King wasn’t one of the 1.6 million people who signed up for memorial tickets.

Watch the video of his statements here.<!– POST CONTENTS END –>

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