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People Magazine is publishing an interview from, none other than Kate Gosselin, in their next issue of People due to be released on June 6, 2009 and I got the scoop…  Well, some of it anyway.  How?  I’m just good that way! 

Kate even admits during the interview that she feels like she has failed and says that Jon has wanted out of their marriage for a long time. 

“He does not want to be married to me anymore.  No questions asked.  He went and hired a lawyer and said you better get one. So i did.  I never would have made that step.   I never would have done it.”  Kate said.

In telling the kids Kate says that she and Jon never used the word divorce or separation.

“I’m not naive.  I know that my kids will come out of this, to a degree with some sort of dysfunction.  I’m not stupid.  This is a situation that absolutely would have happened whether the cameras were here or not.  I don’t want people thinking we traded marriage for fame, Ever.”

In filing their divorce papers the Gosselins reported that they had been living separately for two years.  Some feel that this is an attempt to take advantage in a loop hole in PA divorce laws that says if you have been separated for two or more years you do not have to wait the customary time for the divorce to be final.

So the question is, how much of the television reality show has been real and how much was staged? 

Kate says;  “Somewhere in all of this we will find happiness”.

They told the children the news last week and as I said previously,  they did not use the words separation nor divorce.  One of the older girls, Cara or Maddy, sources did not say which one,  said that they were not surprised by the news and had been expecting it.   The younger children, now 5, are still too young and don’t understand.

Jon and Kate will be taking turns caring for the children in their PA home and will very seldom be together.  I can’t wait to read the whole thing! 



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  1. I also heard that the “we’ve been separated two years” thing was Kate’s idea, not for the sake of speed but for the sake of money. If they were separated for the past two years, Jon would have no claim to the profits from her book deals. I have no idea if or why Jon would go along with this unless he’s getting a better deal in seeing the kids or maybe cash up front. For what it’s worth, I do NOT believe they’ve actually been separated, but rather having increasing marital difficulties. As for Kate, of course she would never have asked for a divorce — why kill the goose that was laying her one golden egg after another?? At least now she can blame the kids’ future disfunctions on the divorce instead of the constant public spotlight she put (and would have kept) them in. All this smacks of poor Kate, the victim… What a piece of work!

    Comment by trickeybusiness | July 5, 2009 | Reply


      Comment by angelgirl1 | July 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. Wow i dont think that people think befor talking. No one is in Kates shoes but kate and no one really knows what goes on in that house but Jon and Kate. I dont think Kate would hold thoes kids over Jons head shes a better mom then that. If they are saying they have been apart for 2 years then there is a reason ON BOTH PARTS NOT JUST KATES. Oh and how was Jon the goose laying the golden egg?? how stupid to even say. Kate wrote books and loved thoes kids very much. I dont think she put them in the spot light for one reason. I think it just seem to happen that way and also if it was your kids and you had the chance to do the same you all would to.(money makes the world go round)

    Comment by kat | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  3. It’s reall sad that Kate & Don had to get a divorce,
    this going to be hard on the children,one of the parents is going have to tell them why they aren’t together
    anymore, especially the little children.

    When they reach to 7 or 8 years old their going have to
    them that their divorced.

    When I first herd about Kate & Jon I was really surpriced,
    I thought they were getting along.

    Comment by Clinton | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. Kate is at fault for all of this. This happened due to her big mouth and disgracing Jon on television. I would have done the same thing Jon allegedly did if my spouse berated me. Kate always hated her fans until the $$$ started to roll in. She is a horrible mother, yelling constantly at the children. Mady is a little “Kate” and needs counseling. Jon should get the kids and give Kate a big boot out of “their” house. Question: Why do the Gosselins sit in the front of the house and play in front of the house like hillibillies, especially if they hate the papparazzi? Out of 24 acres, why do they do that? I think they want everyone to see them, especially Kate.

    Comment by Becca | July 7, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh hell, Jon is just as guilty as Kate…. He drags the kids out in the front yard just like she does even when shes not there.

      I loved the hillbilly comment, by the way… LOL

      Comment by margieweatherbes | July 7, 2009 | Reply

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