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It was reported that this morning, Saturday, June 27, 2009,  Janet Jackson and two moving trucks arrived to the Los Angeles home of Michael Jackson.

The Associated Press reports Jackson arrived at Michael Jackson’s Holmby Hills residence wearing dark glasses and went directly into the deceased Jackson’s home, where outside two moving trucks were parked that had arrived shortly before.

About eight movers were seen entering the property with dollies and packing equipment, says the AP.

It us not immediately clear who sent the movers or what items they could be taking out of the residence.

This behavior really has this ladies curiosity peaked.  From past experience, I would expect my relatives to start circling like buzzards when a relatives passes but I am shocked at Janet’s behavior. 

Is she strictly looking toward personal gain?  Is she trying to same the family a months rent on the $100,000 a month mansion?   Or is she removing evidence that may taint the deceased “King of Pop’s” already tarnished reputation?


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After a whole month of writing about and looking at Jon Gosselin I’m starting to have dreams about Asian men with beer guts…

So, I thought it was about time to cleanse our pallets…

Here is my night on horseback without his shinning armor! 


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Farrah Fawcett – THE QUEEN OF STARS

Farrah Fawcett’s tragic death continues to be in the shadows as news of Michael Jackson’s death consumes the medias attention. 

Posted today, were comments made by younger adults that subdued Farrah’s life and contributions in comparison to that of the “King of Pop”.   Despite the 12 year difference in age between these two icons and the lack of exposure of the younger generation to Farrah’s work, she is still one of the brightest stars among many.

The posts that I read today describes Farrah as being best known for her role as Jill Monroe on the 1976-77 debut season of Charlie’s Angels(she made a few guest appearances in seasons three and four), Fawcett also won critical acclaim for a television movie The Burning Bed as well as both a movie and stage performance in Extremeties.  The Farrah I remember was so much more. 

Farrah Fawcett, formally known as, Farrah Fawcett “Majors” was the without  a doubt the most beautiful woman of the 70’s and 80’s.  Very few males, young or old, did not have or at least at one time oogle over the beautiful actress’s famous poster or fall in love with her beaming smile.

Although she had been with Ryan O’Neal for 29 years the two were never married.  I like to think that she never really got over Lee Majors.  Lee Majors, who no one has really mentioned since her death, and the beautiful actress, were at one time, the most popular couple in Hollywood.  Everyone wanted to be either Lee or Farrah.  I remember being angry when Lindsay Wagner was paired with Lee Majors for the role of Jaime Sommers in the “Six Million Dollar Man”.  When the two divorced I was devastated!

Farrah began a hair style that swept the world.  Every woman, under age 65, I think, either had or tried to have “Farrah Hair”!  Even some boys attempted incorporating Farrah’s hairstyle into their own, sporting “Fly Backs”!   

She did do a very tasteful feature for Playboy Magazine.  She was Beautiful, Poised but Sassy.  She never gave paparazzi shots of her pantiles crotch as she got out of a vehicles wearing mini-skirts.  She was never in Rehab, never shaved her head.  She was never found passed out drunk on the sidewalk.  She was a lady and a real Star when being a Star meant having talent and not just drawing attention to yourself. 

Farrah was the sweetheart of the world for years.  Many of the younger generation have not had the opportunity to experience the ( Farrah Phenomenon ) therefore do not understand what she meant to us all.  I hope that this post, in her honor, will in some way make up,  just a little for the lack of attention that her death has received during her passing.  If Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop”, then Farrah was certainly the “Queen of Stars”.

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