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R.I.P. Angel

farrah-fawcettFarrah Fawcett passed away this morning at 9:28 AM.  At her side were long time companion Ryan O’Neal and good friend Alana Stewart.  Unfortunately, son, Redmond is still incarcerated with multiple drug charges and was not at her side. 

Farrah’s death occured just shy of 6 weeks after her documentary Farrah’s Story was aired.  The documentary was filmed with a hand held camera and showed her courageous and painful battle against anal cancer. 

Farrah’s Story is being considered for an Emmy Award for outstanding nonfiction special.  Farrah has been nominated three times over her three decade career and the award has always eluded her.  Rumour is now that she will win the coveted award posthumously.  I am always saddened when people recognize people after their death.  Life is for living, loving and sharing.  Why wait until it’s too late to share?


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