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Jon & Kate Plus the Mistress

jon-gosselin-deanna-hummelTo use an Internet phrase:  When Did Jon & Kate jump the shark?  A lot of people would say once the outside advertising took over the show.  For me, the episode where Jon had to do some work on his computer, then turned to the camera and showed TV land  the Allstate Insurance Home Page (I think it was Allstate), was the most defining moment.  In the past we saw ad placements all throughout the series, but none as blatant obvious as this one. 

The show has been surrounded in controversy since day one.  Child Exploitation has been the biggest issue, then of course going public with the divorce announcement.  But I think the worst is yet to come. 

It’s being reported in the New York Daily News that Deanna Hummel, the 23-year old school teacher is expected to appear on Jon & Kate Plus 8 when filming resumes.  OMG, filming with your alleged mistress…..Deanna’s presence isn’t supposed to be a major, but it will be included since she is one of Jon’s friends and she’s part of Jon’s life. 

If this is true, Jon & Kate has moved from the reality family show to the daytime soap opera category.  Jump the shark hell, the show has jumped the whale. 

I didn’t have a problem with the filming of last Monday’s episode.  Jon & Kate have become a world wide name and a business enterprise all in itself.  As Kate has always said, “Their show is their life, and the life is their show.”  So if the show is going to continue, the divorce issue has to be addressed.  But to make the decision to film alleged infidelities has taken things to an entirely different level. 

Maybe it’s time to redo the name of the show and it’s mission statement.  It used to be that Jon & Kate wanted “memories” for their children, and an opportunity to provide for them.  I can’t argue with that, it was their choice to do so.  Without the show, I think the state of Pennsylvania would have been supporting the Gosselin eight  for years to come.  Kate would have had to return to nursing full time since Jon doesn’t seem to have any career skills what so ever.  If the tensions we picked up on every week were so blantent, could you imagine how it would have been with the family being broke? 

Instead of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the show about a family raising twins and septuplets, the show has to be renamed. 

Jon & Kate Plus 8, Behind the Scences of a Family Torn Apart


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Jon & Kate Actual Divorce Document

gosselinFor those of you interested, TMZ somehow got a copy of the Gosselin divorce papers.  I think someone from the Recorders Office in Montgomery County,  PA is going to be in deep doggie doo doo. 

Here is the link to the TMZ site if you wish to view the actual papers in a PDF format.  Before you go through the trouble, I will tell you that there is nothing remarkable about them at all.  It’s pretty much a standard fill in the blank form.

The papers were reportedly sealed and a threat just short of physical harm was issued to every employee who has contact with the actual papers.  OK, maybe not physical harm, but the threat of a job loss and criminal prosecution was issued.  Someone is in deep doggie doo…



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Jon & Kate No Fault Divorce Grounds

I stated in my last post that there was no way Kate and Jon Gosselin have been living apart for two years as she checked off in her divorce papers.  Instead of wondering why Kate apparently lied on her divorce papers , I decided to do some research and find out what the truth was. 


In the state of Pennsylvania there are two grounds for a no fault divorce.  The first option is to wait until after 90 days of serving the divorce papers and  if both parties agree that the marriage is “irretrievably broken” then a divorce can be granted.  The second option is if you have lived separate and apart for 2 years a no fault divorce can be granted.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t live in the same house, it only means that after you’ve realized that your marriage is over and began living separately (different bedrooms, different life patterns), you must wait 2 years after that point for the no fault divorce to be granted. 

Even though the actual divorce papers are sealed and confidential, these are the only two options that Kate had in order to be granted a no fault divorce. So if Kate checked the first  box, then waited 90 days and John did not agree that the marriage was “irretrievably broken” , then Kate would have to wait two years to have the divorce finalized.  By checking both boxes, time is now accumulating in both scenarios. 

It truly sounded like Kate expected and wanted to work on their marriage.  Jon was the one that felt the marriage was doomed and that he definitely did not love Kate anymore and wanted out.  Whatever happened over the weekend to make Kate feel she had to file on Monday June 22,  to protect herself and her kids must have been a doozy. Past alleged infidelity didn’t make her run out and file.  Kate claims that something that happened over last weekend made her realize that divorce was the only option.   

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Jon & Kate Gosselin Release Statements

And Living Apart

And Living Apart

According to Kate Gosselin’s divorce papers her marriage to Jon is “irretrievably broken.”  She further states that she and Jon have been living apart for 2 years.  I personally find this hard to believe since neither of them has been able to take a poop without the media reporting on it.  There is no way possible that these two have been living apart for two years.   Maybe they haven’t had martial relations in two years, but living apart, no way!

Two different statements have been released to the media today.  The one from Kate’s camp has asserted that “Jon’s activities” over this past weekend had left her “no choice” but to file legal proceedings in order to protect herself and her children.”  While Jon’s camp reported that he was “hurt” by Kate’s statement about the divorce.  In Jon’s own words, “I have always done everything I can to protect our family. This weekend, I was home with the kids for four days, just being a dad. No nannies, just the kids and me.”

Oh what a tangled web we weave…. Unless the two had words behind closed doors, I wonder if the comment Jon made to the press about not seeing Deanna Hummel as much “due to what went down” had anything to do with it.  Nothing quite like rubbing someones face in infidelity. 

I do believe that Kate was in love with her life more than in love with Jon.  I’ve said before that I only started following these two because of all of the heated comments and debates that were posted about them.  I couldn’t figure out why people of all sexes and ages responded so strongly to the shenanigans of these two reality stars.  I know… “we watch to see the kids.”  Maybe, for awhile.  But I think that people love to get intertwined in others lives, whether it’s to leave their own for awhile or because,  just simply,  it’s interesting and sometimes fun.

I think we can all agree that divorce is not fun for anyone, and I would imagine that Kate is being very sincere when she expresses the fact of “becoming a statistic” and “failing” at marriage is devastating.  I do believe Kate thought that they would work things out.  In her mind, Kate has always been Kate, she doesn’t see herself “changed” by doing the show.  I believe in her mind, this is what she has always wanted and desired…the fame…the fortune…the attention.  One of her past comments revealed a lot about her.  She commented not too long ago that she was just like any other Mom.  She was telling the paparazzi to go film one of those moms…they were just like her.  She fails to see the difference in “wanting to become famous” and ” becoming famous.” The poor little ministers daughter from central Pennsylvania who dreamed of becoming rich and famous got her wish, but at one unexpected cost…her marriage. 

I’m also pretty sure that she figured Jon would always stay along for the ride.  I don’t really agree with Margie’s post about Jon being a dog, but she does raise some valid points.  Jon is the big kid, he wants what he wants when he wants it.  He loves the stress of not working, but doesn’t like the idea of not being defined by a career.  He wants to play with the big boys, but in his chase for being “cool” has morphed back into a teenage boy.  There has always been talk on whether Jon or Kate read the blogs about themselves.  I do believe that Jon finally did, and didn’t like what he read.  How would you like being called “The Man with No Balls?”  Along with raging against the paparazzi, he raged at Kate as well.  As long as Jon stayed under the radar and Kate could continue her life all was good.  I firmly believe that if the P people hadn’t caught on,  Jon and Kate would still be together, filming and making money off of all of us slobs who just can’t turn away. 

I don’t know what Jon’s plan is now.  With the hint he dropped on last night’s show about getting a job or finding a job or “Hey someone, Offer Me a Job,” it sounds like he wants to become a New York City playboy.  Hey Jon, there is a big difference between central Pennsylvania and NYC.  It’s like jumping from the guppies to the sharks.  You might have been a big fish were you are now, but in NYC you will be eaten alive. 

And Kate, don’t worry, as long as there are people who love to gossip and you give then something to gossip about, the show will go on.  Your fame and fortune will be secure as long as you stay as you are.  People love to hate you…Just be sure to treat the children well (and the dogs please), stick to your guns about who you are and the public will follow.  After all last night’s show had over 10.6 million viewers, the highest rated TLC show so far.

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