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A Gawker reader reports, “I was at my friends apt at trump towers on 66th and riverside blvd….. we were in her apt… then left to go to dinner… in the hallway was the Realtor of the building and she was with Jon from Jon and Kate plus 8. It was CLEARLY him. He had bloodshot eyes. We all rode the elevator together. He was looking at an apt on the 8th floor.” 

I understand that Jon is really spaced out and just wants to smoke joints and screw college girls, but would he leave the area where his eight kids live to move to New York City? 

Is this the only place where he could find an apartment large enough to house all the cameras necessary to film his weekend visits and if so, Is Kate or TLC going to foot the bill for his rent?

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  1. I’ve seen several reports of Jon’s apartment hunting on different sites. Personally, I don’t know why he’s staying so CLOSE to where the family is. I think I’d be pricing the cost of living on the French Riviera to put some distance between me and Kate, then fly back and forth and rack up some frequent flyer miles. But, hey, he married her… Their “big announcement” is tonight. With all the shows that are talking and joking about them (and they’ve ALL been gossiping for quite some a while now — even Obama at the recent radio correspondents dinner!!), it’s waaaaay past due that they admit to something, one way or the other. Maybe then the nay sayers will believe there’s something wrong with this very publicly disfunctional couple. TLC, please please please, for the sake of the kids, get these greedy parents off the air and into therapy!!

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 22, 2009 | Reply

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