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Jon Gosselin – BAM, CAUGHT IN THE ACT !

Jon Gosselin

If you have been following this blog or if I have talked to you in person, then you know that I have always said Jon was HIGH when he is doing the interviews!  For a long time I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, thinking it was just his contacts…  NOT NO MORE!!!!

He probably has  a whole field of hooch growing out in 100 acre woods.  Maybe that why he needed the two German Shepards, to keep away the ATF….

This could be a cigarette, but I don’t think so…


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  1. Well, I’m pretty darn sure that ol Jon isn’t cutting back on the cost of tobacco and rolling his own. He’s rolling his own alright and I bet it’s wacky backy. Has the guy lost his friggin mind? I mean, who if not the Gosslins have been front page on just about every magazine in print for weeks. He knows that reports and photographers are lurking in the bushes watching him. It’s just like Kate spanking one of the girls in public. Believe me, I am old school and I believe in spanking my child if the crime is bad enough and I would like anyone to tell me otherwise. I grew up getting my butt swatted with a fly swatter and a switch off the bush out back and I turned out just fine thank you. They need to leave these two alone. I am burnt out already. They are suppose to make a family moving announcement this monday on their show.

    Comment by Debbie Self | June 21, 2009 | Reply

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