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Jon & Kate Plus – The Men of “ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS”


The episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 last-night was OK…  I think I have seen it before but all of the episodes sort of run together now… 

Kate and oneof the guys from “Orange County Choppers” went to the spa and got their hair and nails done.  I thought that was interesting.  Even the attendant seems to enjoy picking through the large mans fur.  You could definitely tell that Kate was enjoying herself as she let our a gut wrenching laugh. 

Jon, on the other hand just doesn’t seem very manly next to those big guys.  I guess since Kate has his balls in a jar and hidden somewhere in the house he must really have a problem in this area.  I did notice that Jon hadn’t shaved in a couple of weeds days.  I guess he thought it would make him seem more rugged….. ?

Jon is not a big man either.  He seemed to be having some trouble reaching the handle bars on his new freechopper.  He sorta reminded me of a little kid on one of thos plastic, red and yellow, Big Wheels that we used to ride when we were kids.  He is such a little man…  However, Kate seemed to have no problem getting her arms around the motorcycle man as he took her for a ride, even if he was sweaty!   She actually acted like she would like to give him another kind of ride!  I wouldn’t doubt it… 

The kids seemed to be doing OK… Except form Maddy.  I always have felt sorry for her, in the back of my mind.  But even when she is trying to be cute, she flips around and udders something that she think will make her seem smart, is starting to wear really thin on my nerves.  Sorry, It’s just l how I feel.


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  1. Well, from now on I suppose I’ll have to take your word for anything that happens on J&K+8. I finally did something I’ve wanted to for a long time — I stopped watching. Yep, I saw about the first 10 minutes of the show where Kate had struck a “look at me” pose on the interview sofa, then I began to wonder why I watch this silly bitch. It was bad enough when I had to watch in order to keep up with remarks on the “other” blog, but now that I no longer have that reason, I decided to stop torturing myself. SO!! I pushed stop on the DVR, then erase, then it was gone… and it feel sooooo damned good!! One less thing to make me puke. I’ll watch the news or read this blog if I feel a need to know how their phoney lives are proceeding…

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Now Now, Tricky..

      Comment by Big Daddy | June 16, 2009 | Reply

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