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September's Playboy Playmate – Heidi Montag

heidiThis girl wants the lights, camera and action all at once.  Honestly, I never watched The Hills, and had no real idea who this blond was.    She has had so much exposure lately I figured I would check her out. 

 The only significant stuff I could find is that she’s had plastic surgery and already posed for Maxim Magazine.   Her next exposure will be in the September issue of Playboy magazine.  Sounds like the shoot already took place.  It’s supposed to be show nudity but be tasteful….We’ve heard that before. 

So I guess all you have to do anymore to become a start in Hollywood is to get plastic surgery, sleep around, have temper tantrums and pose in lingerie.  Hmmm……


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  1. Oh my gaaawddd… This air-headed chick was on “I’m a Celeb, Get Me Outta Here” last week. Between her and her hubby simultaneously turning the jungle camp into a Jesus Revival meeting while whispering to each other about how they couldn’t possibly stand going a week without sex and her constantly spraying something into her hair (brains, I think) and his temper tantrums and her whining… I spent much of the episode in the bathroom puking…

    So now I suppose Jesus has told her to pose for Playboy. Wonder how her idiot husband, Mr. Wannafuckalot, feels about it? Fine, probably, as long as the money is right…


    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 12, 2009 | Reply

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