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Gene Simmons disses Adam Lambert Again

adamkissIt sounds like Gene Simmons of Kiss feels a real threat from Adam Lambert.  Come on Gene, the kid is young enough to be your son, why not share  your experiences with him instead of dissing him all of the time. 

Simmons latest snark was regarding Adam Lambert coming out.   Simmons  latest spew:  “Mostly he should shut up about his sexual preferences. We, America, the rest of the world, really don’t care. I mean, if the story becomes ‘I prefer farm animals too,’ you know, who cares?”  I would think that as worldly as Simmons claims to be, he would know the difference between “preferring farm animals” and being gay.  I don’t remember how many ladies Simmons is claimed to have had, but he definitely had his tongue in many holes around Hollywood. 

The icing on the cake came when Gene was asked what it was like to perform with Lambert.  Gene answered “How was it for him to perform with us, you mean? That’s right, I see. Well, you just have to realize who the governor is and who the little puppy is.”

I guess class isn’t guaranteed with success, washed out rock superstar or not.  Maybe Gene should just roll up his tongue and return to his reality show, his music career is way over.

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  1. “Maybe Gene should just roll up his tongue and return to his reality show, his music career is way over.” — couldn’t have said it better myself. Sounds like a jealous old homophobe, and all his make-up won’t make him young again… Adam (who, btw, KNOWS how to wear make-up) has his whole life and career ahead of him, and waaaay more class and talent…

    Color Gene green with envy and put a period.

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 12, 2009 | Reply

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