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Child Molester Hosts Late Night Show

letterman-palin-bJeez, Sarah, give it up already.  Not only was David Letterman’s joke an insult against your daughter (s), but to Alex Rodriguez as well.  Keep speaking Sarah, there are a few people who still believe you’re not a complete idiot but the more you open your mouth the fewer there are.  Whats really irionic is that YOU are bringing the most attention to this whole situation! 

Granted, David Letterman’s off color joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter getting knocked up by Alex Rodriguez is very inappropriate.  I can go further and call it in bad taste, a cheap shot, rotten, exploiting, degrading, and not funny.  Making any kind of sexual jokes about young females is disgusting but come on Sarah, referring to David Letterman as a potential child molester is no better than what he said to start this entire smear campaign. 

Of course Sarah should be insulted, of course she should stand and defend her daughters, if they were being attacked.  The problem is it was supposed to be a “joke”, a sick one, but a “joke” that was told on national TV by one the most popular comedians of all time.  Maybe that last point is debatable, but I think you get my point.  Sarah, quit feeding into the media frenzy.  Unfortunately for you, this attack campaign you have going to “protect’ your daughters, will and is back firing on you.  Can you imagine if she was the President of the United States and a foreign leader would say something disparaging about her family?  WWIII would be on the horizon…Making jokes about my children, especially sexual jokes? Here let me push the button!  Sarah Palin, you are sending the women’s equality issues back 100 years.   You supposedly want to be associated with Jesus Christ, but by your character and words reveal themselves to be sarcastic, egotistical, biting, venomous, bitter, and abusive .  You are currently neglecting  the duties of your  job to attend to the advancement of your media coverage.  If anyone in this country was questioning whether a female would be too emotional to run the United States, you are giving them all of the ammunition that they need.

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June 12, 2009 - Posted by | Political


  1. Sarah and Todd are nothing but white trash. Just look at the media fight she got into with her nearly son-in-law. They knew good and well that the joke (yes, tasteless and not funny) was about the 18 year old — an adult woman who’s had a child, out of wedlock, and now preaches her mother’s position on abstainence only (opens her up to jokes), not a “minor” as she claims. Her younger daughter who was there with her was holding a baby, so I can see where it might be easy for Letterman’s writers to mistake them for Bristol and baby. He’s apologized twice now — what’s she want? Her butt kissed?? Give me a break…

    Sarah is such an ignorant helium head. And she was very nearly one heartbeat away from the presidency… How scarey is that?

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. It is looking like Sarah isn’t going to let this lay. Now she is tring to get Letterman suspended and boycotted for promotting a statutory rape on her daughter. I hope Letterman just lets this subject drop. It’s kind of hard to have an argument when only one person is arguing. She can spew anything she wants and the people who have always backed her will continue to do so. The rest will just have thier thoughts reconfirmed that she’s an idiot. Thank god that’s the majority.

    Comment by Cinoda Reed | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. She is such a pathetic idiot, once again exploiting her daughters in this phoney ploy for sympathy and outrage. When she starts talking about her deep faith and how Godly she is, it nearly makes me want to pledge allegience to Satan just so as not to be associated with the likes of her. Gag me with a spoon…

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 13, 2009 | Reply

  4. Just saw her on CNN (still blabbering about Letterman, etc.) where she “wouldn’t say” whether she plans to run for president in 2012 — which means she’s seriously considering it. Unreal… You just know Letterman, Leno, and comics all over America are rooting for her! Unlimited material…

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 14, 2009 | Reply

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