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Great Grandma Tasered

What started as a routine traffic stop in Travis County, TX quickly became a national sensation.  A 72 -year old Grandmother, a Great Grandmother if fact, was pulled over for speeding.  Here is a transcript of the stop:

Deputy Chris Bieze:  “You were going sixty miles an hour in a 45 mile an hour zone,”

Kathryn Winkfein:  “Take me to jail,”  “Go on and take me to jail.”

“Step on out,” Bieze said.

“A 72 year old woman,” Winkfein said.

The deputy then tried to get Grandma to sign the ticket, but low and behold granny refused.  Bieze then opened the truck door to arrest her…

“Give me the **** thing and I’ll sign it,” she said.

“Get over here now!” the deputy yelled.

“Give it to me and I’ll sign it,” Winkfein said. “Oh, oh, oh, you’re gonna shove me?”

“Ma’am,” Bieze said once again, shoving her out of traffic on the roadway.

“You’re gonna shove a 72 year old woman?” Winkfein said.

(You’ll see in the video, Bieze shoved her to get her out of traffic.)

“If you don’t step back, you’re gonna be tased,” the deputy said.

“Go ahead. Tase me,” Winkfein replied.

“Step back!” the deputy shouted.

“Step back or you’re gonna be tased ma’am,” he said.

“I dare you,” Winkfein said.

“I’m getting back in my car,” she said.

“You’re gonna be tased; stop,” the deputy said.

“I’m getting back in my car,” Winkfein said.

“No ma’am,” the deputy said.

And then, the officer made good on his promise. Winkfein fell to the ground screaming.

“Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Now put your hands behind your back. Put your hands behind your back or you’re gonna be tased again,” the deputy said.

The Travis County Constable’s Office is standing by Bieze’s actions.

I work in a community with many, many senior citizens.  At first I thought “Wow, this is gonna be nice…grandma’s and grandpa’s all the time.  However, I found out quick enough how mean some of these seniors can get. Don’t get me wrong I’m no spring chicken, I try to respect my elders, but sometimes, just sometimes you just want to pop them in the kisser…It’s almost like dealing with some of the very young….the sense of entitlement.  This case the entitlement comes from being “72-years, 85-years-old.”  I hope that Grandma Winkfein’s grandkids bailed her out of jail!

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  1. You can bet your bottom dollar that this was no apple pie baking sweet little grandma. The number of bar fights this woman has been in probably exceeds the number of volts she received. Maybe he should have let her walk into traffic like she was insisting? When trash gets old, it’s just old trash…

    Comment by cheewizz | June 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi, Im Big Daddy and Wizz,, you have such a way with words… Like I have told you before, People here in Texas don’t take shit like they do in other places…. Not the People and especially not the Cops!

      The old woman should be happy she didn’t get more than she did! If it werent for the dash-cam, he probably would have pulled the trigger a few more times just for laughs !!!

      Comment by Big Daddy | June 11, 2009 | Reply

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