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AMY WINEHOUSE – Wine goes bad too !

Oh, God help us all!   Scamy Winehouse is back up to her old stunts!  This time she is going to take care of sick people!  If they weren’t before they will be when she is done!

The troubled Rehab star is going to volunter for the ( African Imapct Medical Assistance Charity Project ) in St Lucia!

The “Plan” is for her to hand out medicines if she doesn’t take them all  and prepare meals.  She will also be expected to work with children NOT MINE and maternity units.

A source very close to Amy, who has lived on the Caribbean island for most of the year, told reporters, “Amy has alsways been very sluty giving and she has fallen in love with the people in St. Lucia. 

She now wants to to do everything that she can to stay out of jail make the islanders healthier and higher happier”!



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  1. Lord help the people of St. Lucia. I don’t really know much about this young woman, but, from all that I have seen and read about her and the trouble that seems to plague her, I can only hope and pray that she will do what is right by these island people. I for one would have to be honest. I would have lots of problems with someone with this young woman’s character tending to my elderly father, or my toddler child.

    Comment by Debbie Self | June 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. I would have problems with a person with the questionable character as this young woman doing anything for my elderly father or my toddler child. I admit that I don’t listen to the woman’s music and I only know what I have read or have seen on my computer, and that hasn’t been good. I just hope and pray that she has seen the light so to speak and that she does the right thing by these island people of St. Lucia.

    Comment by Debbie Self | June 11, 2009 | Reply

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