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Jon & Kate Plus Emeril

I just watched the new episode of Jon & Kate plus 8.. Plus Emeril!!!  It was OK, nothing  too exciting..  I thought it was very interesting, however,  how well Jon & Kate were getting along…  They were even  making jokes.   Considering that during the last episode which showed the sextuplets birthday party, Kate wouldn’t even look at him.   I have always wondered, if the whole marital indiscretion thing, was just a ploy to get ratings… 

My friends, Cindy, Maris, Juliane and Missy and etc…  think that I’m off my rocker!  However, I think that tonight’s episode is an example of things to come…  I just wonder if all of Jon and Kate’s alleged affairs are not just a ploy to get more ratings… 

I guess WE will see…..


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  1. Margie, we all KNOW you’re off your rocker. You should focus on the fact that we love you anyway! BTW, what would it take to convince you that this is not just a stunt? A divorce??

    Comment by Maris | June 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh, thank you Maris.. You are so sweet! I love you too…. Only time will tell…. I just really figured that they would be at each others throats last night or atleast refuse to speak to each other. Instead, Kate was joking around and even showing Jon where the oven was….. She even smaked Emeril with a spatula and said “BAM”! I thougth that was halarious!

      Comment by margieweatherbes | June 9, 2009 | Reply

      • I think that smack was a flirt…

        Comment by cheewizz | June 10, 2009

      • Well, she does like older men…. Im sure if he didn’t color his hair, with probably Emeril color “BAM” , his hair would also be grey!! LOL

        Comment by margieweatherbes | June 11, 2009

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