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Jon & Kate plus 8 plus Emeril Lagasse

emeril-lagasse-visits-jon-kate-plus-8Tonight’s episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 included guest star Emeril Lagasse.  Yaw Hoo, 100 episodes in the bank.  Let’s see, on the low end of $35,000 per episode that would be a total of $3,500,000 so far for Jon and Kate Gosselin.  On the high end of the spectrum the total can be closer to $7,500,000 bucks banked.  Well, heck I wouldn’t want to stop filming either!  Scandals or not….

The show tonight was a typical celebrity visit to the Gosselins.  Supposedly Emeril got into an elevator with the Gosselin family and just had to come cook and eat dinner with them.    Both Kate and Jon were star struck, I’m not quite sure who was more thrilled to have Emeril in the kitchen of their new house, Jon, Kate, or the kids.  Of course, the kids just liked someone different to talk with.  They all seemed to have a wonderful time with him, and I might add, Emeril was absolutely wonderful with them.  The kids were pretty darn cute the entire show even playing “cooking” outside with rocks.  “This is a broccoli rock” one of the boys said.  “Let’s stir the rocks in this sauce” another chimed up. 

The few things that stuck out to me – The filming is totally out of sequence.  I know that this show was actually filmed before all of the infidelity accusations came to light, hence the “good” behavior between Jon and Kate.  By good behavior I mean talking to one another, or in Kate’s case constantly throwing the barbs at Jon.  I think that if this episode would have been filmed now, Jon would be nowhere in the show, since he doesn’t ever go in the kitchen unless he is reheating something, that is according to Kate.    The other thing that stuck out to me was that Kate and Emeril were eating on glass china plates.  That’s right no paper plates for the kids, they were served on plastic tray plates, and good china  for the celebrities.  (Kate included)  I didn’t get to see if Jon got to eat at all, let alone what his pecking order was with the china.   

I pretty much think that next week’s episode will be more of the same.  Celebrity’s visit the Gosselins.  It’s the show where they get their choppers.  Since this is once again “old” news, I expect more of the same type of show.  One of them will be on the love seat alone, then it will show them all intermingling with their celebrity guests.  Gosh, I don’t know why all of these “celebrities” want to visit with them!  Emeril sure doesn’t need the publicity, and the Gosselin’s seem to have their following, good and bad.  

Oh my I almost forgot.  After the new season show tonight, they showed a rerun of John cooking a Korean dinner.  What I found hilarious is when Kate told him  “You’re not a real cook if you follow recipes.”  Isn’t Kate’s new book a cookbook with recipes?  HaHaHaHa……

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  1. Did you notice that when Emeril told Kate to “let Jon talk” (guess she’d interrupted him, as usual), she immediately smacked him with a spoon? He was gracious and said “you forgot to say BAM” but she looked a tad embarrassed, if that’s even possible. Guess she forgot for a second that Emeril’s a celeb, not just an ordinary man to be smacked around…

    Wonder where the dogs were? Not in the house, not playing with the kids in the yard… Guess they were in their cage somewhere so as not to interfere with Kate’s plans… Stupid bitch.

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 9, 2009 | Reply

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