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Danny Gans Cause of Death Revealed


A few days ago I was looking to see if any results were found regarding Danny Gans’s death.  I knew that he was pretty much a Christian who loved to perform in the Las Vegas spotlight.  He watched his diet and exercise program, didn’t smoke and had an occasional glass of wine, nothing that appeared to put him in a high risk category for a sudden premature death. 

Toxicology results have just shown that Danny Gans had a toxic level of a prescription painkiller, hydromorphone in his system.  The hydromorphone was prescribed for chronic back and shoulder pain.  Gans also suffered from heart disease caused by high blood pressure, this along with the hydromorphone left him at a greater risk for heart irregularities.

Gans passed away sometime during the morning hours of May 1, 2009.  His wife went to wake him up and found that he had passed away.  Crap, I can honestly say that I fall in very familiar territory.   Enough said.

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  1. Just one more example why I refuse to go on an diet and dont exercise….

    Comment by margieweatherbes | June 10, 2009 | Reply

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