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Jon & Kate Season 5, Episode 2 & 3

Gosselins-new-house-jon-and-kate-plus-8-4064254-604-357I’m going to leave the individual episodes up to Margie to open for discussion.  Honestly, I get the small details messed up, like I know what cake store they went to in episode 1 tonight,  but for the life on me can’t think of the name of it.  I hate blogging then quitting my train of thought to go verify or look up the name of things or the exact quote someone said.  Ace of Cakes, I new it would come back to me…So I am going for my general thoughts of the shows tonight, which may not be saying much.  It is just so different to watch knowing that there are marital problems going on. 

So, I did my duty tonight and watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 just so I could write something about it for all of you folks that “won’t watch the show”, but still love to gossip.  Quite honestly, I don’t know how many more of these shows I can watch!  There is no doubt in my mind that the show will continue as long as the ratings are up, neither Jon nor Kate will stop the flow of the cash.  I also feel that the charges of child exploitatin or labor laws that the State of Pennsylvania is conducting will result in no charges being filed. 

One of the good (or bad) things that is immediately noticeable is the bantering on the sofa is gone.  Yes, Jon and Kate do at times sit together, but Kate no longer interrupts Jon or belittles him at every turn.  Maybe that was just “love” taps she used to give him…now she’s not even looking at him unless she has to.  I hated the way Kate used to treat Jon, so I find that she is a little more tolerable to watch now –  but for those who believed Kate was just being affectionate with John – whew, they must really be disappointed. 

It is also evident that both Jon and Kate have been reading the tabloids.  Jon explained how they will be doing separate interviews at times “depending on how things are going” and Kate felt that it was once again necessary to explain to HER viewers how she does EVERYTHING for the kids.  The kids seem to be having the time of their lives…Madie especially loved to be sitting on the interview couch with Jon and Kate.  Again, I can’t help but think that this too was staged for the tabloids.  I need to back up, sorry, the second episode tonight was about Kate and Madie taking a trip together.  After all, Kara went with Jon to Utah for a skiing vacation, so Madie asked Kate one night “Mommy could we go someplace together alone, just the two of us?”  Of course Kate said “Yes” and then proceeded to ask Madie where she wanted to go.  Like any normal 8-1/2 year old, Madie responded, “Mommy let’s go to San Diego.”  Sure…….that’s exactly where my 8-1/2 year old would want to go…….

That was the jest of the second episode, Kate and Madie went to San Diego to do everything that started with an “S”, swim, spa, seashells, spa, shop, spa.  Madie thrived with the alone time with Kate, but once back in PA, she was back to her camera getting attention ways.  Making faces into the camera, interrupting Kate when she talked, and just all around being obnoxious.  Sorry folks, I know that’s particularly not nice to say, but I do feel it’s true.  The girl has some serious issues that are continually ignored. 

While Kate and Madie were vacationing, Jon stayed home with the other kids.  Typical day in the life of the Gosselins, eating breakfast, playing outside, walking in the woods, Lexi biting through her lip.  Jon then has to call Kate, get a babysitter and take Lexi to the doctors, all the while Lexi is loving every minute of it.  I can’t quite say the same for Jon, stay at home dad doesn’t seem to suit him that well.  I actually think he likes the cameras being there, it’s a grownup to talk to.  I really don’t think he has the patience for the kids on his own.  If it weren’t for the cameras I think we would be seeing a whole other side to Jon.  Again, just my opinion.

Back to episode 1, Kate and the kids at the Charm City Cakes for Kate’s birthday.  Jon was away again, skiing in Utah with the handicapped children.  That was good thinking of Jon’s or TLC’s…..  How can I explain going to Utah on Kate’s birthday alone (with my girlfriend), and make it look good for the public?  I know, I’ll explain how my Dad and I did this together since I’ve been 4 years old and then give back to the world by skiing behind a boy with cerebral palsy and telling my VIEWERS how I talked to him and everything.  Yes folks, John told the cameras how he had long conversations with this boy…WTF?

The kids did have a ball at the cake place.  Kate tried her little “OMG, how messy” for the cameras, but overall I think she is mugging up to the cameras way too much.  I couldn’t believe it, she actually kissed the little ones again.  I don’t think she ever showed this much affection to her kids in the entire previous season.   The little kids are cute and all and don’t seem to be affected by the cameras at all.  In fact, I think the boys think of the camera people as their friends or buddies.  

When the cameras are gone, I don’t know how the kids will react.  How do you go from constant attention to no attention? All of a sudden no more wonderful fantastic trips….and a Mommie and Daddie that are bitter and grouchy.   I think that is what’s going to happen once the public rebels completely on Jon and Kate.


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  1. Nice aerial view. Wonder if that was shot from a P-helicopter??

    Comment by cheewizz | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  2. i think it doesnt matter what kates new look, she cant seem to put her childern first i think if the show would stop all together and she started to say my kids are first the show is last then it might work for her

    Comment by cathy | July 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Well, we know she isn’t going to do that…

      Comment by margieweatherbes | July 5, 2009 | Reply

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