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Baby Killer, George Tiller is DEAD !

I’m a little late getting this post up.  I sometimes get people riled up when it comes to my personal views on abortion. 

The news is out that Tiller the Baby Killer is dead.  George Tiller,  a Kansas doctor who has performed thousands of abortions including late term abortions has been murdered himself while attending church.  He has been the target of anti-choice actists for a very long time. 

Bill O’Reilly has discussed the doctor many times on his show, The O’Reilly Factor.  He is the one that has named him Tiller The Baby Killer and has said  that this man is “a moral equvalent of NAMBLA and al-Quida“. 

O’Reilly’s rhetoric against Tiller was most troubling when he said that anyone who didn’t “stop” him would have “blood on their hands“:
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  1. Bill-O has now very literally dogged this man to death, and he feels no need to apologize as evidenced in his talking point last night. He should change the name of his tabloid from “no spin zone” to “no facts zone” since he didn’t bother to check any facts on what Dr. Tiller has done over the years. Just to give one example of a late term abortion he performed (that you won’t hear on O’Reilly) — a 12 year old girl became pregnant and was understandably afraid to tell her parents until she began to show, thus she was beyond the first trimester cut-off (I think she was about 4-5 months along). Before he performed a late term “on demand” abortion, he and other church members sat down and talked with the family in depth about other options, then he consulted another TWO doctors (not the one that was required by law) about the safety of a 12 year old carrying a pregnancy to term, both the physical strain on her body and the psychological implications. Only after all this did he agree to do the “dirty” but legal work, and he risked his life daily to help women in extraordinary circumstances such as this.

    This was not a man who was just trying to get rich or who got his jollies off by killing babies as O-Reilly portrayed him. He was a religious man who struggled with his beliefs — those that say every human has the right to life and those that say a woman’s body is her own. He was a husband, a father, and a grand-father — NOT the baby killer monster as Bill so proudly says. He was a HUMAN BEING, which is what I thought zealot pro-lifers strive to protect. Hypocrisy at its absolute finest…

    You know, it’s things such as this from the “Godly” far-right conservative fringe that are such a turn-off to true people of faith, and Bill-O the sad clown is one of the biggest ducks in the puddle. He’s too cowardly to do the deed himself, but he can spew his hatred on TV night after night, year after year, knowing full-well there’s nuts listening that actually believe what he says is factual and complete and righteous. Then when something like this doctor’s murder happens, and even though the suspect posted on a blog of Bill’s own comments, he stands back with his hands in the air and claims to have played no part in it. Well Bill-O, there’s blood on your hands as well, and I hope you meet up with the good doctor in hell — since that’s where you publically stated he should hold a special place!! And the sooner, the better…

    In the name of God, somebody PLEASE get this egotistical bloviating blustering megalomaniac off the air!!

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. Good Post Tricky, I agree with you 100%. Why do pro-life zealots believe that abortion is a women’s answer to an unplanned pregnancy? I have never known a women who has taken this decision lightly.

    I’ve been doing some reading on Dr. Tiller also. I don’t watch Bill-O since I think he is an ass, so I wasn’t aware of his smear campaign against Dr. Tiller until now. Aren’t there laws in place that prosocute people for inciting riots and such? If so, why not inciting murder?

    Comment by Cinoda Reed | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  3. There were laws made most recently in the 90’s (such as one protecting entry into clinics) but the funds to enforce those laws and provide protection for health care workers dried up under the Bush administration. Even now, people are allowed to stand across the street from a clinic in silence, which in my opinion still constitutes harrassment and intimidation, and this has been going on undeterred for 35 years now.

    Each of the remaining two doctors in the country willing to perform late-term (over 21 weeks) abortions has appeared on MSNBC the last couple of nights. One doctor mentioned three specific cases Dr. Tiller handled. Two were girls, one 10 and one 11, one the victim of rape and the other of incest, and again they “didn’t tell” in time to be in that first trimester window. Their own family doctors wouldn’t perform an abortion out of fear. Now, how ridiculous is it to expect a 10 year old victim to carry a pregnancy to term?? The third was a woman with terminal cancer, only weeks or months to live, and carrying a baby with mental and physical defects due to the chemo she’d had before she knew was pregnant. In my opinion (and according to the Roe v. Wade decision), an “existing” life takes priority over a “potential” life (one that cannot live independent of its host). A woman or girl is NOT a damn petri dish, and a 21 week fetus is NOT viable outside the womb. To hear some of these anti-abortion groups talk, you’d think a woman was walking down the sidewalk, passed an abortion clinic, and suddenly thought “Oh, as long as I’m here, I think I’ll have a quick abortion before my manicure appointment.” These far-right radicals claim they don’t want government in our personal lives, but the decision to terminate a pregnancy is deeply personal, and I happen to know a woman agonizes over it. I had the unfortunate opportunity to accompany a friend who had been beaten and gang-raped, and I assure you that before she got home, she couldn’t decide which beating and rape was worse.

    The difference between these “Godly” zealots killing people in the name of their beliefs and the Taliban is… just about 8000 miles. Period. They need to go away, tend to their own business, and leave other people the f*** alone…

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 3, 2009 | Reply

  4. Dr. Tiller’s funeral was today, and believe it or not there were protesters there as well, standing across the street yelling. What the hell?? The man can’t even have a funeral? It’s riduculous.

    My daughter made an excellent point when she told me that we wouldn’t even be having an abortion discussion if men could get pregnant. The minute they discovered their nut sack was about to swell to the size of a watermelon, they’d be heading for the nearest clinic… and there’d be one on every corner…

    Comment by cheewizz | June 6, 2009 | Reply

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