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Eminem kissed some balls and DIDN’T LIKE IT !

At the MTV Music awards, Eminem left after getting a face full of balls!  Not tennis balls or foot balls but a sack full of  Testicles! 

This was probably staged but it’s still funny.  I’ve never been accused of having a straight sense of humor!

Sorry about the poor quality of this video…



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  1. Just look at homo flying..going off of it quick
    It’s just Bruno Cohen with another lame trick

    I know bad taste…even if it ain’t live
    Don’t play fairyboy..cuz you’ll never be fly

    Now I’ll break it down from the one to the two
    Bruno V Slim…

    A death sentence only written by you

    I believe in the message of: Sir Marshall Mathers

    From his mouth I learned about

    What really matters:

    Broken Homes
    Broken Cities
    Dirty strip clubs and fake plastic titties

    So I’m dispelling you and tellin you that it looks the same
    As when Howard Stern’s cheeks…made MTV fame

    We all know pain, few know glory.

    We’ll take your name and we’ll change the story.

    Yeh, I saw that troll movie, you atypical Jew
    Bringin shame to all your brothers….who brought something new

    If it’s about hip-hop, we’ll take the shot
    Test Slim Shady and you’ll see what’s hot

    Screw choppas, dope, and dirty posters
    Your lame duck act… will never be kosher

    Imodium, Prilosecs, and Ginger Ale
    Can’t save me from….this sickening tale

    Yep, cohen sanchi… chock full o’ fail


    My bad yo…

    Did I forget the name Baron?

    ::::BEAT DRUMS ON::::

    A true robber baron, I bring the care

    I’m America…scarin ya..and my trial was fair

    We both represent great lands where men fought and died.

    Are you forgetting some tears that Ma’ Britain cried?



    Don’t act like pop culture’s some big waiting line.

    High School Musical, was well worth my time

    As always….

    I end with my message and a line….

    Talcott Sawyer says: Only Bruno’s gayer than crime.

    Comment by seanzealberg | June 1, 2009 | Reply

    • WTF? I would love to respond to your comment but I cant figure out what the hell you said…

      Comment by Margie Weatherbe | June 2, 2009 | Reply

      • Margie, It’s a rap song…I think!

        Comment by Cinoda Reed | June 2, 2009

  2. This just in — it was indeed a stunt, and Emimin was in on it, even wearing a microphone. Lame…

    Comment by trickeybusiness | June 2, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree. I was wondering about the microphone yesterday, and here they had rehersals and all!! I think it may have back fired on Marshall.

      Comment by Cinoda Reed | June 3, 2009 | Reply

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