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Eminem kissed some balls and DIDN’T LIKE IT !

At the MTV Music awards, Eminem left after getting a face full of balls!  Not tennis balls or foot balls but a sack full of  Testicles! 

This was probably staged but it’s still funny.  I’ve never been accused of having a straight sense of humor!

Sorry about the poor quality of this video…



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Twilight’s Kellan Lutz – I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY !


OMG, I must print a retraction !!! 

A few days ago I posted a article where I said that I couldn’t remember why I bought the DVD of “Twilight” after having watched it at the movie.  I said it was a good one time watch but that it was nothing special.  Of course this was right after I saw the picture of Robert Pattenson Aka Edward Cullen on the set of  “New Moon”, the latest  installment of the Twilight series.  

The picture I saw was supposed to be after he had just performed a sexy scene for the movie.  The skinny, greasy haired Pattenson was shirtless and had an obviously airbrushed six-pack.  I stand by my remark, however, that I don’t see what it is about him that turns girls on!

HOWEVER, I do remember what turned me on!  Forget Robert Pattenson, give me some Kellan Lutz!  When I first saw Kellan Lutz Aka Emmitt Cullen I was in love!  He is so freaking HOT!  He is tall, muscular, squared jawed and has a unbelievably sexy voice!  OMG, I get chills thinking about him! 

 If you look close at the picture above, you can see his manly member as it bounces thrustingly from leg to leg!  If you hold down the ctrl key and hit the + key at the same time it will make it bigger!  “The Picture, not he penis”  Just remember, the hot dogs are on the grill, don’t worry about how they got there!  Kellan should be the star of the movie instead of the other guy.  What is his name again?  Oh yea, Robert. 

Kellan Lutz, if you ever read this, I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABY!

And his six-pack is real!  No airbrushing there!   I have to go take a very cold shower now!  Here are some more pictures of him below….  I love you Kellan!

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Baby Killer, George Tiller is DEAD !

I’m a little late getting this post up.  I sometimes get people riled up when it comes to my personal views on abortion. 

The news is out that Tiller the Baby Killer is dead.  George Tiller,  a Kansas doctor who has performed thousands of abortions including late term abortions has been murdered himself while attending church.  He has been the target of anti-choice actists for a very long time. 

Bill O’Reilly has discussed the doctor many times on his show, The O’Reilly Factor.  He is the one that has named him Tiller The Baby Killer and has said  that this man is “a moral equvalent of NAMBLA and al-Quida“. 

O’Reilly’s rhetoric against Tiller was most troubling when he said that anyone who didn’t “stop” him would have “blood on their hands“:
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If you lay with DOGs your going to get FLEAS!

I guess the recession is making it hard on people all over.  People are going to more and more extemes to make ends meet.   

So Jason Hummel, brother of slut23 year old Deanna Hummel, Jon Gosselin’s concubine is trying sell the bed, where  Jon and she did the dirty, on ebay!  Seems like Obama’s stimulus package just isn’t quite enough!

Apparently Hoe DogDeanna moved out, leaving the bed queen size bed,  after her brother, Jason, pimped her story to the media.  I personally would have to have the mattress steamed cleaned before I could use it!  Ewwww!

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Susan Boyle suffers exhaustion


The Television company TalkbackThames said that Boyle was “exhausted and emotionally drained” and was taking a few days off.  This all happened after she was shafted by Britain’s Got Talent.

She has been seen by her private GP (doctor), who supports her decision to take a few days out for rest and recovery.   

London police would not confirm the report that Boyle was admitted to a clinic, but said doctors were called to assist a woman under the Mental Health Act, and the woman went voluntarily to a clinic

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