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Jodi & Kevin – CBS Interview


We all know by now about TLC’s “Cash Cow” and hit TV series, ‘Jon & Kate plus 8.  What is going to be next for the Groovy free loving Gosselins?  It’s just one thing after another.  Jon has an affair, Kate has an affair, Jon gets hair plugs, Kate gets a tummy tuck, Kate turns orange. Jon turns brown, the list just keeps going and going.

Jodi, Kate’s sister-in-law was dragged away from the Cash Cow’s udder by Kate when TLC offered to give, the now estranged sister-in-law, a suckle from the engorged tit.  Brother Kevin and sister-in-law Jodi have been laying in wait, purched and ready to strike, until just the right time to strike back and do the most damage.  

A few weeks ago, the two sold gave an interview to Star Magazine in which they depicted a family of neglected children and illicit love affairs.  I wondered at that time why they chose Star Magazine to pimpgive their story to and not a more reputable news organization.  Well, I guess they read our blog because now they have! 

The dastardly duo have now prostituted their take on Jon & Kate’s life to CBS News.  In the interview Jodi says that the children don’t like the cameras being around.  They have said, “Aunt Jodi, I don’t like the cameras following us on all of our vacations?”  Oh, how sweet….  They are too young to understand that the cameras are why they are getting to go on the vacations in the first place.

The television episodes are becoming more and more and about Jon & Kate and less about the children.  Even Maddy, who shows behavioral problem, is no longer recorded by herself.  The children have a staff of nannies and others to make sure that the children’s needs are being met. 

That brings me to my next point.  Poor Jon.  He stays at home and has to take care of the kids while Kate is away doing lectures and book signings.  No he is not.  Like I said, they have a staff to take care of the kids.  So what is Jon doing?  We all know.  Idol hand are the devils play things.  Unfortunately he’s not just using his hands any more.  Just for a moment, imagine what their lives would be like if it weren’t for the show.  They are living the sweet life and just don’t know it.  Jon, lives in a million dollar home with a staff to do what he should be doing.  And he isn’t happy because he can’t  have an affair without someone taking his picture?  I’m sorry I find it very hard to feel sorry or him.

As for the dastardly duo of Kevin and Jodi?  They made sure they got their licks why Jon & Kate were down and are going to suckle that “Cash Cow” for all that they can.

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  1. I cannot understand their anger at the media…

    They signed up for this mega media scrutiny, by putting their kids up on the chopping block in the first place, all in the name of $$$.

    And Kate is all about $$$, even now when she clearly no longer wants Jon because he is now considered in her mind anyway…”USED GOODS.” Remember how she sprayed hand sanitizer on the handle bars of her food shopping cart, and whipped out her own paper towel to wipe it down with in a grocery supermarket !

    She flaked out about a helmet given to her to wear as a safety measure at a children’s play place, and totally lost it, in a hotel room while on a trip to Disneyworld, about the kids going barefoot on hotel room floors, “getting germs and deseases” from previous guests as she put it!

    That woman clearly has some mental issues going on, and I really don’t think she wants Jon in the picture at all now, and she has never respected him as a human being or her equal from the very beginning.

    If she ever consults a shrink, he will discover immediately that she believes she is superior to all others. And neither Jon’s and her own family is involved in any of the shows. And as Kate, herself has said the kid’s bio grandparents are not involved in their kids lives at all. No one other then: Aunt Jodie, her brother’s wife, and her brother-in-law, (her sister’s husband), but no one ever saw Kate’s sister, at all.

    Kate is simply not the forgiving kind, and if he does return to the show, she will make his life ONE LIVING HELL, believe me !

    All I can say is: Run, don’t walk Jon… Just Run – TLC should put a fork in this one because it is COMPLETELY DONE !!!

    Comment by tugar04 | May 28, 2009 | Reply

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