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New Episode, Jon & Kate getting a DIVORCE?


The new season 5 premier of Jon & Kate plus 8, TLC’s hit Television show just ended.  I’m left feeling a little  numb…  There was a lot that was said and a lot more that was not.

Kate’s feeling about Jon was very apparent especially when he first arrived at the sextuplets birthday party.  Although he stood next to her, she refused to speak or even look in his direction.  It was also apparant that Kate was the only one happy to be at the party.   If she was putting on an act, I couldn’t tell but I did notice that other than her I only saw one other adult smile during the whole party.  Speaking of being unhappy.  Maddy hasn’t changed any.  When they were about to have their picture made, Madd got up and stormed off.  So she hasn’t changed.  The camera crew must have been told to stop recording her unacceptable behavior.

At one point, Alexis,  was loving on Jon.  You could tell that she was happy to see him.  Then he asked, “did you miss me”?  Odd? I think not.  Apparently he hasn’t been around.  She said ” I don’t want you to leave any more .”  Jon then tells her, “well sometimes Daddies have to work”.  How very sad.

They both did continue to deny the  accusations of infidelity in their marriage.  However, you could tell throughout the interviews, which were pretty lengthy, that a lot of time and attention went into editing the interviews so they could be aired on TV to make the biggest impact.

Jon & Kate were asked questions about the different aspect of their relationship.  I won’t go through all of the questions, but I’ll give you the rundown on what they said and what I noticed. 

They were both wearing their wedding rings.  If they put them on for the show or not, there is no way to know.  Jon said he would  never do something like cheating on Kate. he says that someday his kids are going to google him. And if he had been unfaithful, he would have to explain his actions…  Jon said he never bought a tabloid magazine until he was in one and that he will never buy another one.  Kate says the rumors about her aren’ttrue either and that she will be darn if people are going to bring her down because of this!  Kate also said that she is doing everything that she is supposed to be doing.   Sorry, I’m not trying to sound mean, and I don’t want to see them get a divorce, but, I thought that she was supposed to be at home helping to raise the kids.  It’s not like they need to money from the book signings and the appearances.   

Jon admits to making some poor decisions.  Kate says that she has noticed over the past 6 months or more that Jon has been becoming resentful of the duties he fulfills at their home.  She admitts that she has been hard on him.  But did she push him to this?  She says she doesn’t think so.  That everyone is accountable for their own actions.  My question is push him to what?  Is that her slip up admitting that Jon has been having an affair?  At one point Kate says, I’m here.  Whenever I’m not on the road working I’m here.  I can only speak for myself.  implying that Jon is out running around with different priorities.  She also continued to spin her wedding rings during most of the interviews.  At one point, Jon said, Kate put the birthday party together by herself.  I was out….  He was still talking and was cut off!  I really am interested in what he said that he was out doing. 

Then later on she tears up while talking about where their relationship is headed.  She says they have seemed to travel in different directions in a very short period of time.  They said they didn’t know what is going to happen next.  Basically they admitted in their undertones that divorce is coming and quick! 

At the end of the show they were shown having a cookout, just the family, on the back patio.  Jon was narrating the segment basically and was saying  how the kids will be OK as long as they know that what ever happens that they are still loved by both of them.  How they are the most important thing in their lives….  yada yada yada.  My eyes started to glaze over right about there, listening to his dribble.  Speaking of glazed over eyes.  Jon has always seemed to look a little high during their interviews.  Tonight he looked really high, with his feet propped up and being layed back.  His eyes were redder and glassier than I have ever seen them.  I used to chalk it up to contacts, but after what all has happened, being  high would not surprise me. 

The summary I took away from the whole show.  Yes, they are going to get a divorce.  They can’t fake it anymore.  He is not living there anymore and hasn’t for a while now.  And he is trying to soothe his own conscious by saying that he will always love them and be there for them.    If they get a divorce, my heart will just break!

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  1. Oh my, oh my! I really thought that there might have been a chance that Jon and Kate could work things out. I really think they truly truly loved each other. After watching this (I almost cried several times and my eyes did water up a couple of times) I just don’t see any hope. I hate that. I liked their show and even liked Kate. But this episode was depressing. You could totally see the stress in their faces and the way thy acted and talked.
    I feel so sorry for those kids. It broke my heart when little Alexis told Jon not to leave anymore. I don’t see how he didn’t cry. I really do feel so sorry for those kids.
    I think that Mady has problems. I don’t know what her problem is but she does. She is only 8 so you can’t really say too much about her, but she does act out a whole lot. If you noticed, the next episode shows Kate and Mady on a little vacation. Part of me says, “What about Cara?”, but then I can understand why it is just Mady. I don’t want to see what little Mady is like as a teenager.

    I wish so badly that Jon and Kate could work things out. I think what their problem is the “fame”. Kate has a “career” and Jon does not and I think that bothers him a lot. I mean yeah he does have a job, he has the show, but look at what Kate has. She has just bloomed out and he has not. I think the only hope in saving their marriage is to quite the show and let the “P people” die down and let life get back to normalcy. I will be sad to see their show end, but it would be well worth it for those kids!

    I can say this, if this is what the rest of the episodes are like, I will only be watching because I am interested in whats going on with their marriage. I used to watch because of the “family time” they have. It was interesting how they managed and the kids acted.

    Comment by Kristan | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. Kristan, you are such a sweet person. You almost made me cry reading you comment. You are so right about the two of them. Thats how I feel also.

    Maybe Kate feels it will help Maddy if they spend some time alone. I know Maddy and Carra will be having a really hard time if or when they get a divorce. It will probably effect them more since they are older. I think Cara is more equipt to handle it if and when it happens. Maddy, however, already cant handle her daily life.

    Good comment , keep comming back…. and leave more.

    Comment by Margie Weatherbe | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  3. When you watch a show like this for a few years, you can’t help but feel a kinship of sorts to this family. It’s the kids that draw you into the near-addiction of this show because of the septuplets’ young beauty and childish innocence. But now, everything is changing. Obviously, the marriage is in distress; but this Fall, the “babies” will be starting Kindergarten. So in retrospect, for me, it’s clearer to see that what initially started as an interest in seeing how parents so relatively young can manage daily life at home with 8 adorable kids under the age of four, it has now developed into witnessing a marriage fall apart before our eyes while fearing for the kids’ pain they are going, or will inevitably go, through in this season.

    Between various media outlets and internet blogs — heck, even the Target checkout lane yesterday — people across the country are freely sharing their opposing points-of-view as to their perception of this family’s situation right now, along with a prognosis for Jon & Kate!So as I just finished watching the new season premiere episode myself, I was curious about what others were thinking tonight, and thus ended up here.

    I must say, I liked how TLC just adressed the pink elephant in the room right off the top, then let it thread throughout the episode. By the way, wasn’t it weird that the episode was listed as 1hr./13 minutes?? Very unusual for regular programming. When you know that they must cut out miles of tape while editing, I wonder how they arrived at the extra 13 minutes, vs. an even 15, or 30, or why not just pare the episode down to 1 hour?

    Anyway, the way I see it is simply put: no one but Jon, Kate, others involved in their lives actively who are privvy to their business, the producers & crew of TLC, their attorney(s), and especially, God, know THE WHOLE story. For that matter, none of us ever knows every single detail of our own family’s lives, nor do we share all of our own personal business with those closest to us, either. Therefore, we can speculate all we want as to what the real situation is in the Gosselin household and form a judgement about who is wrong or right, nice or berating, greedy or opportunistic, sinful or innocent, angry or numb, dutiful or passive, or whatever people are assuming or hearing out there. We see what TLC chooses for us to see and what the advertisers pay us to watch. True, what we watch are pieces of their real lives, and even that is quite revealing, despite what else the camera crew really saw.

    As a school counselor, I can tell you that what you see in Mady is part nature, but a lot of nurtured behavior – even if it is negative. Her typical easy-trigger anger and whining (which was not seen tonight, FYI) has become her way to get some kind of attention. That’s been her “role” she adopted – and got away with – to survive in her family. And it became her label, as we have heard Kate assign descriptors to all the kids more than once. But tonight, we saw a more matured Mady who stepped up to the plate when her mom needed her to fill-in with extra responsibilities since Jon apparently doesn’t live there any more in the new big house in the country. Yes, it will be interesting to see where Life takes Mady and visa versa with her explosive temperament. Personally, I’m more concerned for Kara. Always watch out for the quiet ones, or the “good” ones!! In her case, she’s so much like Jon, which will either work well in her favor over the long haul, or cause friction between her and Kate, esp. since Jon’s out of the house.

    Look, it’s hard for any of us to adjust to a new life when you bring home a new baby. It changes family dynamics by switching order. Some adjust more quickly than others, but you do adjust. What’s really tricky – and no book can prepare you for it – is how do you as a couple manage a household, hold down careers, become parents (usually one-at-a-time:) and maintain the hutzpuh which brought you together in the first place? They say that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Well…forget all the recent events, just getting the children as they did was a huge assignment! Yes, they took fertility treatments, yada, yada…but Jon & Kate adore each and every one of those children for the gift they are. So now, they just gotta figure out some stuff, make some decisions, and learn from it all.

    As for my many opinions in all this, I’ll just share two. First, whether there was/is an affair involved with either of them is their business, and tonight they each denied that possibility. Irregardless, in about 80-90% of those who do cheat do so – not because they no longer love their spouse, but because there are needs not being met. Tonight, they each said a lot which could be read between the lines, but in the end, it was evident that some kind of needs haven’t been getting met with either of them. (That’s kind of a no-brainer!)

    Second, they need to stop making this series, get the cameras out of the house, gain some element of privacy, and preserve what they do have & can build upon. Once that happens, the blogs, bushes filled with photographers, etc. will at least die down in frequency. Otherwise, the kids are going to pay more dearly than they already are, I think. And whether or not Jon & Kate go to counseling, reunite, or choose divorce, they need to go through the process privately. Besides, this family isn’t the same one I started watching two years ago. Then, they were a younger couple in a smaller house with outdated green carepeting and toddlers everywhere…Jon was balding on top, and Kate’s hair was shorter and/or slipped back some way or another and wearing pajama pants. Now they make over $7 million annually, live in a $1.3 million house with property, Jon has gotten plugs, Kate’s had tummy surgery, vaneers put on her teeth, wears well-manicured false nails, and bears a hair style recently referred to as the new “Jennifer Anniston’! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they can now have nicer things and take care of themselves the way they’d like to, but I am saying that especially with the kids about ready to enter kindergarten, they aren’t the same people I could once identify with.

    Comment by AnneMarie | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  4. It is perfectly clear to me that Jon has been dumped. The rug has been pulled out from under him. She is the one who went in another direction. Kate can make money on her own and doesn’t have a problem cutting people out of her life. This makes me very sad because I love the old Kate. There was great love between that couple. Kate is interested in someone else and wants Jon gone. She says “I’m here” meaning he’s not, but she doesn’t say I told him to go.

    Comment by kate | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  5. Here’s just a few of the main points I got from watching. Kate is the victim, at least in her mind. She reminds the audience of how “Jon has made some bad choices” but never seems to acknowledge fully her own mistakes. Yes, she said once that she wasn’t the easiest person to live with, but she never seemed to take any responsibility in being part of why he strayed. I know she loves the money, but she seemed a little sad over losing him as well. Jon just seems to want to move on without her and maintain a relationship with his kids. They both sat miles apart on that small sofa and each professed their love for the kids, and neither one said they loved the other. It was like each one was waiting for the other one to say it first.

    If you wrote a book about their lives to this point, it might read “Boy (cute but no rocket scientist) meets shrewd girl who wants a lot. He tries to satisfy her with plenty of babies, then money, hair plugs, whatever she says she wants, but can never quite measure up. Girl never misses an opportunity to point out to him how he could be better rather the failure she sees him as. Boy eventually gives up trying and meets another girl who strokes his ego. First girl such a genius but can’t seem to figure out what went wrong…”

    I bet if the truth be known, his girlfriend isn’t even as pretty as Kate (which I’m sure Kate finds puzzling), but I bet she makes Jon feel 9 feet tall. Kate could learn a lot just by canceling a few book signings and watching their past episodes. On this last one in particular, he even mentioned (in so many words) how according to Kate, he couldn’t even breath right. Remember when she told him to quit breathing so loud? It all made an impact deeper than she knew, or even recognizes today.

    So yes, I think a divorce is inevitable at this point, and with all the ways fame has ruined their lives, it looks like they’re still going to try to make a show of it. Guess it’s true, the show must go on…

    Comment by Maris | May 26, 2009 | Reply

  6. really people need to just back off.

    i watched the show because they were a good family and did things well, i didnt watch it to pick out all there stupid little flaws.

    what they do when there off set is there own bussiness people just need to back off.

    its there relationship nobody really has no idea what is going on unless you have really talked to them.

    Comment by Kels | June 19, 2009 | Reply

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