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Amy Winehouse, “NEW FASHION LINE” OMG!

Amy Winehouse.  Do any of  you even listen to her music?  I wouldn’t even know who she was if it werent for “The Graham Norton Show” which airs on the BBC channel.  And of course being smaked in the face when she is the front of a magazine!  Her appearance will defiantly draw your attention! 

Well, great news!  Amy has teamed up with a London label PPQ, Amy Molyneaus and Percy Parker to open her own fashion line!  Sorry, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…. 

WHAT IN THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE THINKING?  Look at the picture and tell me do you know of anyone who would intentionally want to look like that?  I’m not really that into fashion.  Maybe the Drug addicted junkie look is in this year. 

What will be next?

We are interested in hearing your thoughts.  Click on “comments” below to leave your opinions.

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