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Jon & Kate Marriage Counseling?

drphil-768777I can vouch for this information since I got it from the National Enquirer, the most knowledgeable and informational  news magazine on the face of the earth, and seeing  the way things are going for the Gosselin’s I think this would be a very good idea for them. 

 It was reported that John and Kate are seeking marriage counseling.  I think that is great news especially since family counseling would likely be included and maybe the kids can learn that it isn’t nice to hit, kick or bite each other.    The question remains, however, will parts of these sessions be aired on their reality TV show? 

From things I have seen on TV in regards to this family, I’m sure that the sessions will be televised.  These sessions would be the highest rated shows of the season and would result in the most cash being generated.  In addition, both John and Kate have repeatedly said  “The show is our life and our life is our show”.  

Kate has said before that she will not consider counseling!  Now with the future of their money TLC show on the line, she’s reconsidered, according to sources.

“It’s make it-or-break it time for Jon and Kate. Counseling may be the only hope they have to repair their shattered marriage,” said an insider close to the couple.  “The big question is whether they will allow cameras into their therapy sessions or not.  TLC would want to film at least portions of the sessions, but obviously Jon and Kate would have to write another secret contract  agree.” Plus I think if a few more free trips and more cosmetic surgery is included in with the deal, Jon and Kate would vote unanimously to air the sessions.

Well, WTF gee whiz, this would be just as good as the celebrity rehab program with Dr. Drew.  I have never watched that show, but have heard people refering to it often.  Heck, when I want to see a bunch of addicts trying to detox, I just go hang out on the corner before the state checks arrive.  Another subject…sorry…Serious counseling is hard work , and Kon will be in their glory with a boom mike  recording everything said for their permanent record of their lives.  There is no way that John or Kate can turn down this offer….  I can imagine every reputable board certified psychologist bidding to conduct the sessions.  I can see the headlines now:  Dr. Phil Saves John and Kate’s Marriage.  Now, Send Me Some Money!

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Beauty Tip For The Day. MAKEUP PLEASE!

0519091115_M_J_Garner_natural_4500519091115_M_J_Garner_makeup_450Jennifer Garner before makeup and after.  There is not a whole lot to say about her..  She is just Jennifer.  Not only is she one of my favorite actresses, but her inner beauty shines thru no matter if she has on make up or not. 

Now that hair is in serious need of a quick shampoo and and blow dry in my opinion.  She may also want to look into going to Wal-Mart and investing $20.00 in one of those new “Water Bras”  but she is always beautiful!








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I don’t know what kind of music most of you like to listen to.  I know Cindy likes Rock!  I like R&B and since I live in Texas where being a “Red Neck” is considered a privilege, not a right, I of course love country music.  So I guess you could say I’m  a little bit country, she’s a little bit Rock n Roll!  For those of you who don’t get that, sorry,  its from a Donnie and Marie Osmond song…….

I originally got this video from a friend of mine who manages country music concerts and some country music careers.  It is now on You Tube so I can share it with the rest of you!

This little guys name is Drake and he is bound to be on American Idol someday!  He is so cute!  This is by far, the best video, that I have seen in a very very long time!  This is him rockin out to “Boots On” by Randy Houser.  Move over Adam Lambert, here comes Drake!

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Jon & Kate, Get Ready for Tomorrow Night!


I think maybe we should rename this blog, “The Gosselins”, since it seems like that is what we mostly write about these days. I guess it’s because  everyone is just excited about the new episode tomorrow night.  I usually Tivo everything so I can skip through the commercials.   But not this time!  I will be there for commercials and all! 

There isn’t a whole lot of new information out there about the family right now.  It’s like the calm before a really really big storm..  I’m probably just building myself up just to be let down as usual, but I can’t help it!  My three loves in life are my kids, Jon & Kate and Blogging, oh and I guess my husband fits in there somewhere…  I know, I need to get a life right?  I had a life, that’s how I got two kids and a husband! Just not in that order thank goodness!  LOL…  Just give me a computer, a TV with Tivo and a box of Blue Bell Mooo Bars and I’m happy.  I’m a woman of simple pleasures!  Have you ever had a Moo Bar! OMG, they are sooo goooood! 

Anyway, I went to the Jon & Kate TLC website.  I found it to be sorta child friendly I guess.  Kate has a blog there with 463 comments.  I read through a lot of them.  The people who blog there are all cowards!  I didn’t see one thing about her orange skin or Hedge Hog hair.  I guess they were afraid she might actually read that blog!  But, I can pretty much guarantee you that she doesn’t.   She would have at least have responded to one of the comments.  You see here on our blog we actually care about the people who waste their time want to spend time with us.  That’s why we always try to make comments with people on the articles that we write. 

There is also a Gosselin Trivia Quiz there.  YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT!  They make Jon look like a total Turdroll!  He is sitting on the couch with Kate, “not touching of course”.  His hair is sticking up all over his little cartoon head and if  you answer so many right questions, Kate lets him say something, Like, GREAT JOB!  If you miss 3 questions you get kicked out of the game.  I only missed 2 out of 10.  But, they were pretty tuff questions too.  Here is a link to the site if you would like to go see it.

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