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Jon & Kate’s New Season 5 Episode. What is Really Going On!

The clouds have parted and the sun is shinning through!  We have all been bombarded with articles and photos of Jon & Kate, from TLC’s hit television show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” with their supposed love slaves. 

Jon & Kate have held steadfast in the denials of their extra marital affairs.  Even though there are photos, interviews and even rumors of a “secret contract” between the the two stars actually allowing them to date outside of their marriage.  Even Kate’s brother Keven and his wife Jodi have jumped on the idolatrous Jon and Kate Bandwagon.  

Still, with all of this overwhelming information supporting the allegations that the two TLC stars are continuously copulating with cohorts of questionable character.  Something has been gnawing at me, and I just haven’t been able to figure it out.  UNTIL TODAY! 

( IF ) Jon & Kate are being unfaithful to one another.  And IF they are denying it.  And IF they want people to believe that everything is hunkiedory with their relationship.  Then WHY are they sitting on different couches doing seperate interviews?  If  I was truly trying to make people believe that my relationship was stable for the sake of the moneyshow.  We would be sitting on top of one another!  So, why are they on seperate couches? 

Could it be that the whole who is screwing who fiasco has all been a roose to obtain more ratings?  The facts just aren’t adding up!  I wonder…..

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