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John & Kate Hate Everywhere!

usweeklySheez…John and Kate are everywhere!! I mean on every gossip site, in every gossip magazine and in every actual news site. I really have to wonder when celebrity gossip becomes headlines on news sites! I still haven’t figured out the extreme fascination with the John and Kate phenom. As I have said before, I watched the show in the beginning because I was curious, but quit watching when it just didn’t make me smile anymore. Since then I have been more fascinated with all of the followers of these two.

I know, people only watch for the children…nah, I don’t buy it. The extreme haters want to call Child Protective Services and scream that the Gosselins are abusing their children. The Haters claim child abuse in the form of child exploitation, by showing intimate views of their children and making bucko bucks off of them. They are committing verbal abuse by calling some of the children ugly, and physical abuse, such as when Kate grabbed at of the the tups on a television interview. The haters also claim that because John and Kate use “spankings” as discipline, that is in itself child abuse.

The Lovers claim that John and Kate truly love their children and had to find a way to support them all. Heck, If you were offered free trips and services, you would also take them. Heck, if you had ‘that’ many children, you’d be a little cranky and abrupt at times, and as far as the cheating goes, You can’t believe everything that you read in the tabloids. After all these are not reliable news sources, Kate has said that herself! Kate claims the only sources that you can believe are People Magazine and TLC. Hmmm……

Currently the hype is on…I’m already betting that Monday May 25 season premiere will be the highest rated show so far. The haters are claiming that they won’t watch it, they don’t want J & K to recieve the ratings. You want to bet that they might not watch the show, but they will be scouring the internet for every review of it. After all, how are you going to blog about something if you don’t know what’s going on?  This next season will have 46 episodes, that’s almost one per week, and I’m pretty sure it takes a few days to come up with one airable episode.  That’s going to be a lot of time spent together “for the sake of the show” or “the children” as Kate says.

Here is a direct quote from Kate to EW:   “Yeah, generally speaking. It is real and it all occurred, however, I realize that my dramatic self doesn’t bode well with people watching me. In the early days, it could have taken us two days to film one episode, but in 22 minutes you would see every meltdown I had, so it looked like I was melting down constantly –- which happens, and I don’t care. I really don’t care that people see it. I am who I am and there’s always going to be haters and there’s always going to be lovers and that’s just the way it is.”

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