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Mama’s Baby Daddy’s Maybe

Twins-With-Two-Dads_20090511172953_320_240I am so dumbfounded right now that I don’t really know where to even begin.  Both MSNBC and FOX repoted this morning that a woman, Mia Washington, gave birth to twins.  Your probably thinking, No Big Deal, right?  There is more!  The babies got different Daddies!!!!  What is that old saying?  Mama’s babies Daddy’s maybes?  Well this takes that old saying to a whooole nother level!

The twins, Justin and Jordan,  which are cute as they can be, are now 11 months old but the father, James Harrison, started getting suspicious because, get this, one of them didn’t look like him.  Now after watching the interview, I’m sure that this man is well versed in multiple birth anomalies, NOT!  But the “parents” Aka “the Daddy” decided to take the twins to the Dallas DNA Lab Clear Diagnostics for testing.  And, sure enough, one of the twins is his and one of them is not.  The interview did not tell if Ms. Washington told the “Baby Daddy” about her affair before or after they received the test results but if I had to guess, I would say probably the latter. 

When asked about the other baby’s father, she said, “He was someone else I met”.  Well, no du?  She also said that she is not going to tell him about his baby.  Well, let me see, you put your story on national TV, so I would be expecting him to show up at your door just any time now! 

The news reports say there is a one in a million chance of this happening.  Although Dr. Hilda Hutcherson / Clinical Prof. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Columbia University, says that probably one to two percent of fraternal twins have different fathers. 

This woman, Mia Washington, already has one kid that looks to be about 5 years old.  Now she has two more that are 11 months old.  She decided to announce on the interview that she is pregnant again!  OMG woman, give that Va jay jay a rest of god sake!   

A couple of things about this story really gets to me.  They kept refering to their situation as being a miracle of science!  How is being so skankie that you get pregnant by two different men and then try to pass them off as another mans kids, knowing they may not be, a freaking miracle of science?  Its not a miracle of science, it’s a freaking result of Skankiness!

Lord only knows how many men she had been having sex with when she got pregnant. She just can’t deny two of them.  I guess its a good thing that she didn’t have more eggs that could have been fertilized.  They may have all have had different daddies. 

Mia and her fiancee, James Harrison, reportedly contacted FOX news and apparently MSNBC, about their story.  What right minded people would want to go on national TV knowing that she is going to look like a ho?    I can tell you why.  They saw the ($$$   BLING  $$$ )!   I wonder if she watches Jon & Kate plus 8 ?  The world may never know !

Just a note about James Harrison.  He seemed like a sweet man and sincere about what he was telling the reporters.  He said that he has been the twins daddy from the beginning and he will not abandon either one of them because of this.  James seems like a good man.

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