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Jon & Kate plus 8, NEW EPISODE!

jon_and_kate_plus8According to,  Entertainment Weekly, TLC has put out a snip-it, “just a little teaser”  of the first episode of Jon & Kate plus 8  season 5.  Just enough to make us all want more!

EW talked about how truly sad Jon seemed in the new episode.  The snip-it did show Jon and then Kate and then Jon again sitting on the interview couch by themselves.  They seemed calm but I wouldn’t say that they seemed depressed! 

Now the TLC commercial I saw on TV was AWESOME!  They said:  “Jon & Kate face each other for the first time”!  I don’t really know what that means?  But put that  together with this snip-it with them not being on the interview couch together and it’s going to be  MUST SEE TV!

EW, Entertainment Weekly, didn’t seem to really be too excited about the new episode of the new season, that is due to air May 25, 2009.  I personally am  popping  popcorn and planting my ass in front of the TV! 

The first new episode has the sextuplets having their 5th birthday party.  Jon made the comment that they had some kids from school there and that was different.  Of course they wouldn’t have shown them or fear that they might have to pay them.  However, I saw videothat was shot from a far way, of the crew actually filming the party.  I didn’t see anyone but family and the crew, oh, and of course Kate’s booty guard body guard was there!    I can’t wait!

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  1. What a shock the kreider’s kevin and jodi came out against them AFTER kate said they wouldnt be paid.JEALOUSY. Bought a new house ? JEALOUSY.IF they cared so much about those kids they wouldnt be ENSURING they would never see them again. Think about it, Kate will NEVER let them in her life again after this. Those two disgust me.

    Comment by Lynn | May 21, 2009 | Reply

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