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Adam Lambert Wins

I haven’t even watched the show yet.  I was planning on going home  and turning on American Idol.  But my best plans got way laid once again.   adamsingerUnfortunately I had the radio on in the car and the station announced the winner of American Idol!!  So I decided to write this very quickly and hit the sofa with the remote control so that I can fast forward through all the the 500 commercials.  In my opinion Adam Lambert wins…maybe not American Idol, but he will now be able to launch his professional career in any direction he wants.  I don’t know what kind of contract Adam had to sign to be on American Idol.   I know they have to tour with  AI over the summer, but after that I’m not sure.   I think that’s great for Adam.  AI was a great platform to launch off of and I’m sure his career will be stellar.

I’m not really shocked at the outcome.  I figured that the Gokey fans turned into Kris Allen fans.  Kris is a very talented young man, and I don’t think he even thought he had a chance of winning especially at the beginning of the season.  This competition was like comparing apples to oranges, two very distinct styles, two completely different individuals.  In my opinion the general public still embraces the “safe” choice.

I’m sure most of you can put together how Kris Allen took the most votes, it should be no big surprise to anyone.  Just think about it…..






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  1. O.K., I have not watched any of this stuff…… What’s wrong with Kris. I saw the ending tonight and thought Kris sang wonderfully and seemed so overwhelemed with winning.

    Was it fixed? Why do people like Adam?

    No matter what they both have a great chance at having contracts in the millions of dollars.

    Comment by Ladybug | May 21, 2009 | Reply

    • LOL, was it fixed? I’m sure that’s what Adam Lambert’s fan are saying!!! To recap for you, Adam has been the front winner every week. There was one week when he was in the bottom 3 and it was quite a shock to everyone, even Adam. When Ryan Seacrest told Adam to join the group he belonged in (one group winners the other probable losers) Adam walked over to the winner’s side. Ryan promptly grabbed his arm and said something like NO, you are in the bottom 3. You could see Adam’s shock on his face. The public decided that he was in the bottom 3 because everyone assumed he was safe and didn’t vote for him.

      All of the newspapers and magazines have put Adam as the winner. There are even off shore betting sites that will take bets and the put Adam at something like 2-1 to win. So, yeah, it was a shock for the world and mostly to Kris himself.

      If you’ve read some of my past posts you will see that I absouletely adore Adam. LOL….Kris is great also, but as I said above it’s like comparing apples to oranges. What I really loved about tonights show was the friendship between Adam and Kris. They have been roomates the entire season and have general respect for each other. Adam and Adam’s family were so gracious to Kris and his family. The other thing that struck me was the guenine gratitude that all of the contestants seemed to have. Can you imagine being that age and having one of your biggest dreams come true?? Scott, who is from Scotsdale, AZ, and legally blind was even singing and dancing tonight. What an inspiration to all who have any type of disability! So from my post, you can see that, yes this year’s show definately made me smile!

      I am curious if they will tell the public how close the contest was? I’d be interesed in seeing if there was a big difference between the two. I figure that the young girls would be Kris fans, along with the Christian crowd and the mellow music person. One problem coming up for Kris could be his marriage. He is a newlywed and you can just imagine how much he will be away from home with hundreds of thousands of girls throwing themselves at him. Adm’s fans are definately rockers who have no issues with his sexuality, it almost seems as the ladies forget which team he is batting for. Believe it or not, one of Adam’s largest fan base is middle aged hetrosexual women. Me included!! From what I’ve read, the women have compared him to Elvis, and expect him to be the next huge rock icon.

      Comment by Cinoda Reed | May 21, 2009 | Reply

  2. American got it wrong. In a few years, we’ll be saying “Kris who??” Of course, right wing TV shows were contantly calling the final show “good versus evil” while lamely trying not to appear biased. People who’ve never watched the show before voted “against” Adam rather that “for” their favorite. Even AT&T gave free phones to Kris fans all over the state of Arkansas.

    In the end, big deal. Adam will be a rock icon to live on for years and years to come. Kris will make his album which won’t even hit the charts. I think to pass this amazingly talented boy over because of his sexual preference was wrong, and by Christians, of all people (in several cases). You can preach love and honesty ’till you lose your voice, but when you don’t practice it, I call hypocrit…

    Comment by trickeybusiness | May 22, 2009 | Reply

    • Tricky, Quite honestly I think Adam is better off not winning AI. This way he won’t be under contract with them and won’t have to have a cookie cutter image. My son who is a musician hates, absoulety hates American Idol. I called him last night and asked him if we could go to the American Idol Tour Concert? He laughed at me, and said of course.
      I have a great son…….

      Comment by Cinoda Reed | May 22, 2009 | Reply

      • Actually, Cin, if that were true (that he wouldn’t be under contract with AI), he actually would be in a much better position. The top 2, however, are under nearly identical contracts. I think whichever (Danny or Kris) that went up against Adam would have won because the fans of the other one threw their votes that way.

        Did you see Larry King Live where they had the top 10 on to comment? Kris was a VERY nice guy (and of course Adam is as well). Danny admitted to being more competetive. Between Danny and Kris, I’m glad Kris won. He even admitted that Adam should have won, but we know Adam will do just fine as it is.

        As for my concert tickets, I’ve just sold them. Adam has been invited to tour with Queen, and I think I’ll just wait for that…

        Comment by trickeybusiness | May 23, 2009

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