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Beauty Secrets of The Stars

400_rupaul_090109_fmicelotta_2220955GYI0057461959I found this picture of Pamela Anderson Lee at some function that she attended recently. I couldn’t help but to think of another well known public personality. You guessed it RuPaul!

Have these two been swaping beautiy secrets? One things for sure, I hope that Ru doesn’t run into Tommy Lee in a dark alley. All his dreams may come true!  RuPaul’s, not Tommy’s.  Although Tommy might get a surprise a little later!




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Fergie Gone Gay?

0_61_fergie320Today, the Sun reported that pop beauty Fergie has become the latest celebrity to admit to a lesbian romp. The Black Eye Peas singer follows Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga, and Megan Fox in revealing that she is bisexual. Fergie, who married Josh Duhamel in January, told The Sun: “Put it this way, I’ve experimented definitely, but I have never had a steady girlfriend.” 

Has the world gone crazy?  Why has it become so trendy to be gay or bisexual?  I don’t know about you, but I think Fergie is HOT!  Maybe I should have a romp?

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How Old is Too Old for Pregnancy?

I don’t know about any of you guys out there, but I think this is a little too old.  I’m a 50 year old women and could never see myself in this situation.   I just ran across this news clip and thought I would share it with you.  I need to think a bit, to organize my thoughts about this entire situation before I comment further.  So for your viewing pleasure here is the link to the video, and I will be back in a few hours and maybe we can intelligently discuss this.   p://


 Monday 5:00PM  Whew, Home for the day…..Recapping the video: A 66 year old successful career women is about to become a first-mom. Elizabeth Adeney who is 8 months pregnant via in vitro fertilization, will be one of the oldest first time moms in the world.  Just think when Elizabeth is 81 years old her child will only be a teenager at the age of 15.  Elizabeth claims that she is young and fit and she feels like she is 39 years old.  But Elizaebeth, guess what you aren’t!  She reportedly said that to be a mother, all that matters is how old you feel on the inside. Heck, some days I feel 89 on the inside, wonder what that could mean? Adeney who lives near Lidgate, Suffolk in southeastern England flew to Ukraine to under go the treatments. Like the United States, most IVF clinics in Britian don’t offer treatment to women older that 50. (I wonder why that would be?)
Dr. Jamie Grifo at the New York University Fertility Center has commented that “pregnancy has risks associated with it at any age-the older the woman, the greater the risks.”  Dr. Grifo further states that all of the risks are “very treatable”, as long as an older woman has a healthy heart. To quote Dr. Grifo: “Older women who get pregnant could have trouble with “high blood pressure, which can complicate placental development. They can develop diabetes in pregnancy, which has to be monitored. Preterm labor is an issue in the older patient and of course, Caesarian delivery and the associated surgical risks.”  Well, heck the same can be said for every women!

In 2004 New Yorker Aleta St. James became the oldest American woman to give birth when she had twins. She was almost 57.  In 2005, a 66 year-old Romanian woman became the world’s oldest mom. In 2006, Carmela Bousada of Spain, who was nearly 67, took the title. Then finally in 2008, Omkari Panwar from India stole her crown. Desperate for a male heir, she underwent IVF at age 70. She got her wish when she gave birth to twins, one of them a boy.

According to Dr. Grifo, “There haven’t been that many women over the age of 50 who have attempted pregnancy and now that the technology exists more are doing so.”  “We don’t tell a 14-year-old unmarried woman she’s not allowed to have a child. Why should we tell a 66-year-old woman who is healthy and wants to have a baby that she can’t. Who’s to say?”

 Some of my questions back to Dr. Grifo would be”  Do you perform IVF on 14 year old girls? Sure no one tells a 14 year old that she’s not allowed to have a child, but does anybody suggest that she does?  Of course not….Sounds like Dr. Grifo is endorsing IVF, not common sense.

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Adam Lambert Then & Now

Not much to say except WOW!!!

Check out some of our other posts about Adam!


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Kate Gosselin, Read Between the Lines

AETMS9YCAB59J33CAJTT96TCAR26XT9CAEZ3DFOCA97HMWKCAUZG70NCANL6477CAZU3JIBCAVALN0XCA14RLFUCAEKHFQ2CA0ZXKSOCAWK8FNGCAKKFCNLCA58RAPSCAI1D88JCA40VB9LCATMDBTBThe AP or Associated Press released this story today.  I found it a little hard to follow, so I added some translations!

Kate Gosselin, co-star of TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” says it’s difficult reading stories about herself.  I don’t believe this for a second. 

 If she read any of the stories about her and her family, why does she believe that people like her hair or her Orange tan?  Did she get a life time supply of QT lotion as one of her free promotions? 

Recent media reports have focused a harsh spotlight on Kate and her husband, Jon, who star with their eight children on the popular reality show. In recent days, the Gosselins’ wholesome on-screen home life has been called into question by reports of extramarital affairs. Both Jon and Kate have denied those accusations. 

Let me to translate this for you.  Here a while back, Jon got busted!  He tried to lie his way out of it until the ho’s brother came forward and admitted that he was sick of hearing the two of them having sex through the paper thin walls at their place.  No one could understand why Kate hadn’t beat her up whooped her ass or why Jon hadn’t been on the show with a black eye.  Well come to find out, Kate has been having relations playing spank the monkey with the families body guard booty guard.  that explains a whole lot!

“This is certainly not what I envisioned I was signing up for,” Kate Gosselin said Wednesday during an appearance at the Frauenthal Center, The Muskegon Chronicle reported.

Translation:  I never though I would get caught!

“When I see magazines in stores it’s really difficult. It amazes me there is an industry that follows you around and writes stories about you.

“It destroys peoples’ lives. I need you to know, don’t believe what you read unless you hear it from that person.”

Translation:  I never read the stuff people say about us or I would have had my hair redone a long time go.  But I honestly believe that that I have enough money now that I can lie my way out of it.  Also now that the dogs are getting bigger I can send them to attack school so they can keep away the paparazzi.

On its Web site, Us Weekly recently described an over-friendly relationship between Gosselin and her married bodyguard, Steve Neild, that “caught the attention of her husband — and has become the talk of many locals” in their Pennsylvania community.

People magazine’s Web site quoted Gosselin as saying the couple have been struggling for months.

What?  No one would have ever have guessed with the way they now sit on opposite sides of the interview couch!  And the love taps are GONE!

“This week I’m on the cover of four magazines. One is true, three are not,” Kate told her audience.

Translation:  I’m on 3 magazines his month.  I’m almost as popular as Oprah!  I wonder if she will give me my own talk show!!!

The Gosselins are on the cover of People, Us Weekly, Star and National Enquirer. She described People’s reporting as the most accurate.

Heaven forbid if anyone were to believe the National Enquirer.  Her article will be right between “I had Big Foots Baby” and ” Elvis Has Been Seen on Mars “!

She has previously denied having an affair with Neild. Jon Gosselin has denied cheating with a 23-year-old schoolteacher, and he has apologized for putting his family in an “awkward position.”

I wonder if he was referring to his family or did he have the teacher he is sleeping with in  an awkward position? I wonder? 

Kate Gosselin said the stop in Muskegon, located about 35 miles northwest of Grand Rapids, was the last on her travel schedule for a while. She said she plans to spend more time at home.

Translation:  Everyone is catching on to the fact that I am never at home.  So I better get my ass home and take care of my kids so my Butler, Cook and Nanny can have a day off and people can think that I’m taking care of my children.

“The last couple weeks have been interesting,” she said. “I had to address that.”

TLC’s most popular series, which has been on the air for four seasons, attracts an average audience of more than 2.8 million viewers.

The new, 40-week season premieres May 25 with an hourlong edition

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