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Poor Little Mariah Carey

 0_22_tattoo_mariah450Mariah girl, go get you some draws on!  This photo came from Fox News and People magazine.  Celebrity Bikini shots showing the tattoos of the stars….  OMG!  

Mariah, why the hell do you have a tatoo of a butterfly on your ass?  And how did the paparazzi get close enough to get a picture of it that close up?  Did ya fall asleep on the beach?  OMG!

At least we know that when Mariah goes to the beach she goes prepared.  Looks like she’s got her floaties on, or are those breast implants?  Either way she must have said “super size please”? 

Has poor little Mariah gone blind too?  She looks blind in this picture to me and she apparently is having to be led around.

Poor little Mariah, I love her anyway, even if she is starting to get a little thick in the hips….

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