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A hello to everyone.  We are starting to get some steady traffic and Margie and I would like to thank all of you.  We hope to have another writer very soon,  I love to read her posts, she has such a knack for writing and a expresses her views so eloquently.  Looking forward to having her on board!

jonandkatedramzI mentioned before that I really liked to follow the fans of Kate Gosselin, especailly the Kate Lovers.  Here is a blog from one of Kate’s biggest fans.  It still amazes me that people will back this women even with everything that has been recently reveled.

From Jon And Kate Plus 8 Gosselin Fan Site:

Hello Gosselin fans! If I sat here (like other LOONEYsites) and addressed every single tabloid I would be here for days, or very exhausted. I know when its a slow news weeks and a story like this breaks. When I saw what US Weekly was coming out with I was SUPER pissed. Reading hate blogs and getting your info based on rumors and lies is NOT how you run a magazine. So now I can completely understand why Kate did the interview. The Star and The Enquirer are to me pure trash. When your title story is “Mommy & Daddy Please Don’t Fight!” you know what your getting in terms of the article. I’m not linking them here, but you know the articles are now everywhere.

I’m sorry to all the fans that have sent photos and stores about their meeting with Kate at her various stops on her book tour. I did promise that I would post them, but with all that’s happened I haven’t had the time. I am going to address and talk about the latest appearance. It was important because this was after the scandal broke and Kate appeared to be at her most vulnerable. Today on GMA, it was most of the same sadly. Jon & Kate were not on, and they showed the clip again of Jodi & Kevin. Watching it make me shudder. He sounded fake, insincere and like he was just waiting for a check to be cut. It makes me angry and now I dislike them even more. It showed they were only there to cash in on his sister. GMA handled it very professionally, and that they really felt sorry for them right now, with the hopes for the new season..If I get the link today I will add it on this post.

Us Weekly Shows Its Fangs And Turns Into A Rag Mag

OK, this is just my opinion. But I am devastated and heartbroken that they came out and wrote vicious lies and twisted so many rumors just in the last two weeks. I always enjoyed reading Us Weekly, but I’m truly saddened and surprised that they put such a ridiculous spin on Kate and her bodyguard. In no way do I think that she had an affair with him. To put all the garbage they did in there just to sell their magazine, I don’t know how low they can go. But I’m figuring next week they will say that the dogs are actually robots and Jon has gotten 2 girls pregnant. Who knows

Well, it takes all kinds of different people for the world to go around!  I’m so glad that we live in a country that allows free speech and encourages free thinking for all.  People just amaze me though!  I have noticed that this fan web site is getting fewer and fewer comments, I don’t know if it’s because it’s author hasn’t had time to approve them or if there aren’t that many “positive” comments being made.  She has made it quite clear that she will NOT POST negative comments.  Maybe the die hard fans are starting to wake up and smell the coffee…do ya think?

We are interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.  Click on “comments” below to leave your opinions.


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  1. She has made it quite clear that she will NOT POST negative comments. Maybe the die hard fans are starting to wake up and smell the coffee…do ya think?
    I too have seen her page and also noticed fewer and fewer posts, so I sure hope they are starting to wake up and smell the coffee! If you read some of the comments at her site, it’s almost cult-like! THEY are the reason Kate could possibly need a bodyguard!

    Comment by Ome Omy | May 17, 2009 | Reply

    • I think the cash cow is starting to run dry!!!! Im sure that the ratings on at least the first few episode will be thru the roof!

      Comment by Margie Weatherbe | May 18, 2009 | Reply

  2. LOL, you are so right Ome Omy about the bodyguard! It’s is really truely amazing to me how intelligent people (I’m giving them the benifit of the doubt) can justify any behavior they want to. Deep down I want to think that these people have smelled the coffee but just don’t want to admit it, but I’ve been wrong before!

    Comment by Cinoda Reed | May 18, 2009 | Reply

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