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Octopussy vs Katezilla


I’ve been reading what the general public has been saying about these two women, and I am still unsure that these two Baby Makers are really that different. Both have stated that they “just wanted one more baby”, but each put themselves into the position where multiples were the likely outcome. So why, just why, does the public view Kate Gosslein as a devoted mother and Nadya Suleman as a wacko nut job?

Is it because Kate has a husband? Or maybe because she previously only had two children while Nadya had six? I don’t know….but let’s take a closer look. As far as I can see:

Both already had children but yearned for “just one more”,
Both were in a dire financial mess when they conceived their children
Both have received government assistance in one shape or the other
Both believe that life begins at conception (whether it’s in a petri dish or in a uterus)
Both refused to abort any of the multiple fetuses, stating it was against their beliefs (Nadya wouldn’t destroy any fertilized eggs)
Both spend time on their appearances, going to spas, shopping for makeup, ……..etc….etc………
Both of these women appear to thrive in the spotlight that fame provides

Here’s just a few of the differences that I can see:
Kate claims to have a strong Christian belief, where Nadya has remained quiet on her religious beliefs
Kate doesn’t have the backing of her family and friends, where Nadya’s family might not approve of her choices, but stands behind their daughter
Nadya appears to spend more time with her children than Kate who is jet setting across the country

So what’s the problem? Why is the general public so against Octopussy while Katezilla has the blessings of many?


UPDATE:  5/24/09 I am finally seeing compairisons between these two hit the web.  It seemed that as long as Kate had her husband by her side, the public was willing to overlook all of the other generalities between her and Octomom!! I just googled Octomom and guess what?  there are no new stories floating around, expect for one that is trying to make headlines about her dropping her kids off at school late!

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  1. I agree – they both bad.

    Comment by ann smith | May 20, 2009 | Reply

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