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Kate Gosselin’s pay back!

JON%20KATE%20PLUS%20EIGHT-thumb-250x370-20114For  months we have been exposed to alligations concerning  Jon Gosselin’s alleged infidelity with 23 year old Deanna Hummel. Knowing Kate Gosselin, mother of 8 and star of the hit reality TV show, Jon & Kate plus 8, as well as we all do, is it just me or has everyone been wondering why we haven’t seen a “very stylish” but deeply implanted high heel shoe sticking from his ass? 

I’ve heard rumors, for quite some time, that Kate might also be getting her jollies on with the families bodyguard Steve Neild .  Makes you wonder just who’s body he is guarding!  This would definitely explain why she hasn’t seemed very upset over Jon’s alleged infidelity.  People have continued to speculate that her lack of emotion is due to greed and therefore her focus is on her book promotions and the families reality show.  But I wonder??? 

In a story published Tuesday on People magazine’s Web site, Kate said that she’s the target of tabloid lies romantically linking her with a bodyguard who frequently travels with the family. She spoke out following recent accounts that portrayed her as the victim of her husband’s infidelity. 

She also said, “The next story coming out from the animals that stalk us is about our security person and his family,” she said, referring to bodyguard Steve Neild. “Already the allegations they’re making about me are disgusting, unthinkable, unfathomable, and I am horrified.”

And thats not all!  The best part is she also said that she  regrets that their friends had been drawn into the media frenzy, and said she was “totally panicking” that the scandalous publicity may drive them away.  “I keep calling them, begging, `Seriously, I’m so sorry. Don’t run away from us.’ They keep saying, `We’re fine, we’re fine.’ But they have paparazzi in front of their house. It’s so upsetting.”

This comes from a person who refuses to have anything to do with her family.  That has driven off her brother,  sister-in-law and her best friend Beth and who’s kids refer to their paternal grandmother as “my fathers mother”.  Sorry but I find her new found concern a little hard to swallow!


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  1. Hey Margie, what’s best about this…is that Kate is issuing denials, BEFORE the tabloids hit the stores. Wow, she really jumped on the bandwagon. Whay didn’t she do the same for John?

    Comment by Cinoda Reed | May 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. What friends?? Oprah and the likes?? I think they’re already used to the cameras. This story about her and her bodyguard came out on the gossip web sites a few months ago. Maybe Jon or Deanne (his new bff) leaked it??

    On the news today (AOL), Kate is considering a divorce now. Looks like either Jon wouldn’t agree to “go along” with their sham of a marriage and do the next season, or perhaps Kate devised a way to make her $$ as a single mother of 8… If that’s the case (and I’m sure in time we’ll find out), then it begs the question “Is there no bottom to the depth of this woman’s greed??” I think not, and in the future (after the new hit show “Kate Does The Bodyguard”), I predict many of her “precious little faces” will also seek out show bizz to chronicle their various escapades. The business to support a family will turn into a family business…

    Don’t you just love irony??

    Comment by trickeybusiness | May 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. I still can’t believe all this has happened to J&K.
    Makes me kind of feel justified by how, for some reason, I never could stand them. I thought I was crazy for months being somewhat obsessed over their success. I was always for the kids, mind you, but those parents always bugged me. I guess it was just intuition. And now, out of the woodwork come Kevin and Jodie saying how J&K fought so much, the crew had a hard time coming up with 15 minutes of footage,out of eight hours of filming. Can you imagine what the kids saw. Talk about a dysfunctional situation. Oh well. Yes, and I think Kate, since she’s now fessing up about the trouble, is trying to concoct her next money making scheme. So help me, if Oprah gives that woman a show, I’ll go crazy!

    Comment by julianne | May 14, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hi, Jules. Im glad to see you here. I always took up for Kate and gave her the benefit of the doubt… But there is very little doubt now! Its sad but I bet when the new episode starts in 2 weeks, everyone will be tuning in!

    Comment by Margie Weatherbe | May 14, 2009 | Reply

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